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  1. Hackmodford

    USB Hub stops sleep

    My Hackintosh seems to be working fine except when I plug a usb3 hub into the back of my computer, sleep no longer works. I'm not sure how to fix this issue. Any ideas would be appreciated :)
  2. Hackmodford

    GTX 760 iTunes HDCP

    I just noticed that when I try to play HD content on iTunes I get the HDCP error, or just a black window. I believe I didn't have a problem when I was only using the HD4000. If I only use GTX 760 black window. If I change the bios to enable the HD4000 and set it as primary, the content plays...
  3. Hackmodford

    10.9 Auto Sleep Doesn't work.

    10.9 Auto Sleep Doesn't work. [SOLVED] I can manually put the computer in sleep mode, but it doesn't do it automatically. I installed PleaseSleep and that seems to do the trick. Is there a way to fix it without using a third party app?
  4. Hackmodford

    Unable to update FakeSMC.kext via latest HWSensors package

    I'm trying to upgrade to the latest version of FakeSMC via The installer finishes successfully but I still have the old version of FakeSMC.kext and the older version of HWMonitor. I tried updating manually but borked my install and to restore via Time machine. Has anyone...
  5. Hackmodford

    Clover with custom DSDT kernel panic

    If I use clover with my custom dsdt (works in chimera) I get this kernel panic 'Unable to find driver for this platform: \"AHCPI\" When I remove the DSDT it will boot again. Am I missing a kext or something?
  6. Hackmodford

    Fusion Drive Update Process.

    Since I have a custom fusion drive will my update process be different than the rest?
  7. Hackmodford

    Ga-z77x-ud5h + gtx 760

    I have been trying to patch my DSDT but with no success :( Step 1 Clean DSDT Step 2 PJalm's z77x-ud5h patch Step 3 Pjalm's discreet amd/nvidia patch Result = No HDMI Audio no problems or compile warnings Second Try Step 1 Clean DSDT Step 2 PJalm's z77x-ud5h patch step 3 uefi-clean compile...
  8. Hackmodford

    Will this Gfx Card Work? Gigabyte GV-N760OC-4GD

    Here's the newegg product page.
  9. Hackmodford

    Fusion Drive Bootloaders on One Disk

    I'm just wondering has anyone ever tried to make the fusion drive but only put the bootloaders on one of the disks? I'm talkinga bout the steps where you copy the boot files to both of the disks of the fusion drive. I was wondering if doing that would result in only one disk appearing in...
  10. Hackmodford

    After Fusion Drive wake from sleep doesn't work

    After setting up my hackintosh with a fusion drive I can no longer wake from sleep. I need help troubleshooting this. Any ideas?
  11. Hackmodford

    1 TB Time Machine Drive Hangs Chimera

    I have a 1 TB External USB drive that will cause Chimera to hang at the loading screen ( /|\-/| ) If I disconnect it, it works fine. Are there any workarounds for this?
  12. Hackmodford

    Chameleon Always Boots Verbose

    I have everything running great on my new Hackintosh... one problem. Whenever I reboot Chameleon always uses verbose mode instead of the apple logo. I am able to use Chameleon Wizard to change themes and even used it to update (before update I didn't have problem) but now I never see the lovely...
  13. Hackmodford

    Noob Hackintosh

    I have sucessfully installed OS X Mountain Lion with unibeast. motherboard: GA-EP35-DS3L with firmware F6 Graphics: GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB Ram: 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM I cannot find a DSDT file for it, however it seems like everything works fine out of the box except audio. I have tried using...