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  1. MohamedHussain

    My Big Sur Installation is stuck at loop

    Hello, I've been having trouble getting into macOS Big Sur. I've created my own custom clover EFI folder which was made to work with my Inspiron 3558. I also use a custom config.plist file and tweak the settings in the clover before booting. I've done this many times with High Sierra, Mojave...
  2. MohamedHussain

    Intel(R) Wireless 3160-AC for macOS

    I have been using Hackintosh since I got my new laptop and till this day, I'm trying to make AppleIntelWiFiMVM work with my wifi card. I knew very little about Hackintosh before. But now I'm very curious if the kext works with my Wifi card or not. Today I checked Aaron Mulder's(@ammulder) GitHub...
  3. MohamedHussain

    Intel HD 5500 Graphics not recognized by Mojave

    I've installed macOS 10.14 Mojave on my external hard drive few weeks ago. I'm having trouble getting the graphics to work. I tried Multibeast 10.4.0, it wasn't showing the IntelGraphicsFixup option on the graphics menu, then I decided to use Multibeast 10.3.0. The graphics wasn't working...
  4. MohamedHussain

    Can I install macOS on Samsung NT-RV409

    Hi, I have been recently running macOS 10.13.5 on my Inspiron 3558, but I decided to install macOS in my older laptop which I have mentioned in the title and use my Inspiron 3558 as a Windows laptop, here are the specs of my NT-RV409: CPU: NT-RV409(Manufactured by Samsung)...
  5. MohamedHussain

    Dell Inspiron 15 3000(Inspiron 3558) not booting to mac

    i am having trouble booting macOS on my laptop What I did was I selected all options in the binary looking menu in options in the clover and then I successfully booted to Apple logo, but after few minutes later the progress bar below the Apple logo was almost full and the progress bar stays...
  6. MohamedHussain

    Clover extracted by unibeast is not booting

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3558 and the clover is not booting. When I inserted into my old laptop that is Samsung RV409, the clover boots up but I know that it cannot install Mac OS in it. But why not in my Dell laptop. I also tried adding boot option from my bios setup and that didn’t work. Any help!!!