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  1. wushuangrong

    Japanese 109 keys keyboard

    I know this is not a Catalina specific question, but I can find no where to post it, so I post it here, hope it's fine. I have a Japanese 109 keys keyboard, its physical layout is exactly like this one Fujitsu keyboard. The problem with this keyboard is that many symbols are in different...
  2. wushuangrong

    need help to enable my fn key on my keyboard

    Hello, I have installed Mojave on my laptop and everything works fine, except that some keys on the keyboard do not work as intended, such as the Fn key. This is a Japanese keyboard layout. Is there a guide to tackle this problem. Thanks!
  3. wushuangrong

    ALC 269 no sound after wake from sleep

    Hi @RehabMan, I got my sound working with AppleALC, the problem is sometimes it looses sound after wake from sleep. I saw CodecCommander is the solution for this kind of problem, but i find somebody said the user need to edit the Info.plist file contained in the CodecCommander package, is that...
  4. wushuangrong

    HD4000 5MB with eDP internal display

    Hello guys, I am trying to install Mojavu on my an old laptop LaVie Z PC-LZ550LS, i followed the guide and got errors booting clover, Problem Report files are attached. The bios does not have...
  5. wushuangrong

    APFS Recovery Volume

    Hello, I have Mojave installed on my one SSD, and yosemite on my another SSD as a backup system, so when clover kicks in, there will be two Recovery entries showing. That's a lot of confusion, i don't know which one is which, so i rename both Recovery volumes to different name, like "Mojave...