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  1. aili

    Hs stuck while booting, with strange message

    Hi, all. Just installed hs, everything went well, but I’m stuck while booting. In verbose mode, this message keeps popping out. And doesn’t boot. Really need your help.
  2. aili

    no osx partition to choose from ().

    Hello. Ive had my hackintosh running for a long time, but finally decided to update to sierra. What i did: I first updated clover to the last version. Then i droped the most essential kexts to the kext/other folder. Then i downloaded sierra from the app store, and started updating my system...
  3. aili

    gigabyte motherboard question

    not really a hackintosh question... but maybe somebody knows... i cant seem to run my memory in blue slots... it only works in white slots. is this the way it supposed to be? or is something broken? and if its the way it supposed to be, how can i run my memory in single channel mode? because...
  4. aili

    need help with us3l, i7-860, 2-2048 kingston

    here is my configuration gigabyte us3l core i7 860 radeon hd3650 pci-e hitachi 500gb 2-2048 1333-mhz kingston memory i read a lot of forums, and find out that my motherboard will nicely work on mac 10.6 but i cant seem to find any information about my video card... the last information was on...