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  1. Jar-Jar

    Can't Install...Please Help

    Dear friends. I need your help. I just upgraded my computer (in my signature) for new computer. Mobo: EVGA 370 FTW Micro: I7 8700 K GPU: AMD R9 290X SSD : 250 GB for OSX I prepared a new installation with the tonymacx86 guide and I cant install (always error). I used SMBIOS 18.3 with...
  2. Jar-Jar

    Corsair Mp500 NVME with Asus Hyper M.2 x4 Mini

    I just installed High sierra on my new ssd nvme mp500, I read about nvme disk, more and more... and I ask to all gurus. do I need more to my nvme disk to boot and works fine on osx? Best regards.
  3. Jar-Jar

    GA-Z77X-UD3H+ R9 280X+ UEFI instalation= White screen, Colours wheel..

    Well, the problem that shows me is this. I have prepared the flash drive for installation in UEFI mode and proceed to begin the installation ..... Enter the EFI GUI , and I get to do the installation ... after a while in verbose mode , the screen changes from text to graphics mode , and...
  4. Jar-Jar

    No sound with ALC889 in Yosemite

    For that, as indicated in the title I am unable to make my sound to work (actually, since I left efi-x, I have not had). Currently I have two OSX installed. Mavericks 10.9.5 with clover. AppleHDA patched script Toleda (Toleda thank you, and my friend Teti by spending the patched file)...
  5. Jar-Jar

    Problem Installing OSX with Clover.

    First of all, to thank the creator of the tutorial, which is fabulous. Today I have the hack that makes my profile with Chameleon as bootloader. As I wanted to try and see how it works clover, I decided to make a fresh install on another disk, obviously the results have not been as rewarding...