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  1. enricht

    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    DAMN nice. What did you do for GPU?
  2. enricht

    [Success] Radeon RX 6800 XT - Big Sur

    We applaud you brave pioneers :)
  3. enricht

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    Mojave 10.14.6 FCPX 10.4.6 32 seconds with Vega 20 14.5 with RADEON VII EGPU FCPX 10.4.7 23 VEGA 20 10.3 with RADEON VII
  4. enricht

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    Thanks for sharing all your numbers! For people who are stressing over their numbers! It depends on what version you have also! 8700k OC bios 5.1 Ghz 64 Gb Ram 3200 Mhz DDR4 Vega Frontier Mojave 10.4.3 FCPX 10.14.5 12-13 Seconds. Will try Dual, if I get the chance. Although once the VEGA...
  5. enricht

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    I have a feeling it's your onboard video enabled? I get Huge improvement from 10.13.2 10.13.5 20 seconds. GTX Titan Pascal. 8700K @ 5ghz
  6. enricht

    Final Cut crash with Vega 64 & fans always at high speed

    I want to second this... It's crazy.. but works.. for whatever crazy reason... Just tried it. Vega Frontier Edition.
  7. enricht

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

    I have a z270 Hero IX.... Someone mentioned to try to enable the onboard video to fix it.. and he was right.... Here's my config file. You have to enable IGPU... but plug the monitor into your video card. I have an rx580 8gb
  8. enricht

    macOS High Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Hi there! Would you mind sharing your EFI folder?.... also curious whether you use FCPX, and is it working with you? I have a rx580, but I can't seem to fix some OPENCL problem, that makes the system run at 1/3 of the speed after a while.
  9. enricht

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

    Hm.. I just googled -radbeta.. what is that? So you don't even use any platform confgis huh? How's the 8700k?
  10. enricht

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

    Thanks so much for the CONFIG... I'm gonna look through that.... so you can get QUICK SYNC working I assume? Are you on HIGH SIERRA?
  11. enricht

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

    I am getting the exact same problem. Unfortunately, in High Sierra. I cannot get the IGPU to boot with the RX580 at the exact same time. Most people recommend disabling it. I'll get an OPENCL benchmark of 144,000.... then after a while.. it goes back to 50,000.... going to sleep.. then waking...
  12. enricht

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    Has anyone gotten it iGPU and RX580's to work at the same time, for High Sierra? For me, it keeps crashing now. Why would I want that? I believe Quick Sync requires the iGPU if i'm not mistaken...... I have gotten it to run with a Z170, and an RX 480.... but only in Sierra..
  13. enricht

    AMD Radeon RX 480

    For me, only if I have inject INTEL ON.. does FCPX work.....