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  1. pet1

    Clover config.plist doesn't keep saved settings on boot.

    I'm using clover 5102 and after making some changes to my config.plist the changes suddenly won't save. They stay stuck no matter what I do. I've deleted it, copied it from a backup and reinstalled clover. No matter what I do my clover settings are saved correctly but when I boot into clover...
  2. pet1

    Unable to convert to apfs during upgrade

    I've been trying to upgrade to Mojave but my drive is unable to be converted. I upgrade to High Sierrra 10.13.6 but it's still at HFS+ Journaled. When I try to convert rebooting in Recovery I unmount the drive and try to format and gives an error message. My drive is ssd trim enabled. I've...
  3. pet1

    Unable to Convert To APFS During Upgrade

    I've upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra and eventually want to upgrade to Mojave. At the moment though I upgraded to High Sierra but after the upgrade the drive stays on HFS. The Drive is SSD. And for trouble shooting purposes have disabled TRIM before upgrading as well as leaving it...
  4. pet1

    USB 3.1 working at usb 2.0 speeds

    I'm running mojave 10.14.3. I'm able to enable all ports on my series 9 board in my signature. But usb 3.0 devices show connected at 480mbs when connected to 3.1 slots. They show up correctly as 5gs on 3.0 ports. Any suggestions?
  5. pet1

    Upgrading New Hardware while using El Capitan

    I have the option of upgrading the setup in my signature to a ASUS TUF Z270 MARK 1 and an i7 7700. I was planning on removing the patched files from acpi/clover folder and creating new ones according to the new motherboard and cpu and making changes to the audio and network layout accordingly...
  6. pet1

    Security Update 2017-005 10.11.6 El Capitan

    Has anyone had issues with the recent update on El Capitan? Thanks.
  7. pet1

    Security Update 2017-004 10.11.6 El Capitan

    Are there any issues caused by this update?
  8. pet1

    i7 4790k throttling to 8.0x

    I've gone through 2 power supplies and before I take the motherboard and cpu back I wanted to make sure this is normal. The idle temps are around 30-39 degrees for all cores and yet it throttles down to x8.0 which is about 792 mhz. My question is, is this normal or is my motherboard or cpu...
  9. pet1

    Intel HD 4600 system restart when plugging hdmi

    Hi. I've been trying to use the built in hdmi port and each time I plug either end in my system restarts. My dvi to hdmi cable works and the hdmi port works in windows. I have a z97-A, i7 with all the clover edits and El Capitan. Dvi display works fine. Just when I connect hdmi cable the system...
  10. pet1

    Geforce 740 GT 4 gb ddr5 troubleshooting

    Using El Capitan and upgraded my 240 gt to the card listed. The system boots into a black screen with a disappearing mouse or beachball at times and random sandbox lines flashing. Any ideas or I can can just exchange it for a more compatible card. Thanks.
  11. pet1

    AppleACPIPlatformExpert start failed

    Hi. I just upgraded my motheroboard, ram and cpu. It's an asus z97-usb 3.1 with i7 4790k. Video card is a gt 740. I was using an intel core 2 duo previously with no problems. If I try to boot from the original drive or the el capitan unibeast installer I get the panic on appleacpiplatformexpert...
  12. pet1

    Motherboard with thunderbolt

    Hi. I'm looking for a motherboard with thunderbolt built in or via add-on card. Any suggestions? Thanks.