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  1. Lnx2Mac

    Is that a bulged MBP battery? or you're happy to see me ?

    Suddenly my 2008 17" MBP, started rocking on the table... Thinking I placed it on a pen or something, I lift it and... OMG !!! Swollen-MBP-Battery.PNG
  2. Lnx2Mac

    Attention SandyBridge users... New Lnx2Mac RTL81xx available

    Hi everybody... Just wanted to let you know I finally released a new beta of my RTL81xx... Tired of getting the dreaded ? localhost kernel[0]: [RTL81xx@0xee00:R1000GetMacVersion] Unknown device type, reg = 0x2c800000 localhost kernel[0]: [RTL81xx@0xee00:R1000InitBoard] R1000InitBoard: ****...
  3. Lnx2Mac

    Solution for AFP/TimeMachine to Linux-NAS broken in Lion

    It seems the update to Lion breaks AFP connections to Linux-based NAS boxes. This affects those backing up to a NAS-served TimeMachine volume ! Apparently, all that's needed for Lion to be able to connect to a netatalk daemon on Linux is enabling DHX2 UAM in afpd. Full details in...
  4. Lnx2Mac

    Lnx2Mac Celebrates 1 Year of Hackintoshing - a Chronology

    Today I'm celebrating 1 year of Hackintoshing and tonymacx86 membership !... Happy birthday to me :P What-a-ride !!! Let's recap what happened in this last year... February-March 2010: Decided that building a hackintosh could be a cool pet project[/*:m:1u43qqr5] Started lurking in InsanelyMac...
  5. Lnx2Mac

    Endless Forum Pages UserScript by Lnx2Mac !

    Hi ! Do you hate waiting for the next page to load while reading the Forum ? :yawn: Do your lose the focus on the thread each time you hit Next ? :wtf: Do you like using Geeky plugins ? :geek: Then, this is for you! :lol: Attached is a GreaseMonkey script that makes the forum pages...
  6. Lnx2Mac

    Ethernet Performance issues

    I've been researching the performance issues on AFP and SMB some of you were reporting... Well, it seems you are not alone, and this is not a hackintosh nor a 0.0.67 related issue... Several Apple users have been experiencing this. I found some pointers which might be of interest to you (some...
  7. Lnx2Mac

    Forum Look and Feel changes

    tonymacx86 & Macman, I noticed you've been introducing subtle Look-and-Feel changes to the forum lately... Today I found the "Resources" pull-down menu ! Very nice ! :headbang: KUDOS Lnx2Mac
  8. Lnx2Mac

    Do you use MacPorts or FinkProject ?

    Being a long-time Debian Linux user, I rely on Open-Source software on a daily basis. I currently use MacPorts (both CLI and via Porticus), but tried the Fink Project too in the past. What do you use ? Please vote and comment.
  9. Lnx2Mac

    After AntennaGate comes GlassGate ... gate-woes/
  10. Lnx2Mac

    GA-P55M-UD4 BIOS F11 released... Aug 2010 Gigabyte BIOSes !

    Let the DSDT hunt begin :lol: BTW, at least on the P55M-UD4, the clean DSDT is identical to the F10 one... So you can safely use the F10 DSDT from the database ! Post your Vanilla DSDTs in viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4463 Good Luck, Lnx2Mac
  11. Lnx2Mac

    WARNING - Possible Issues with GA-P55M-UD4 BIOS F10

    Updated to BIOS versions of August 2010... With the release of new Gigabyte BIOS versions at the end of June 2010 (F10 for P55M-UD4, F11 for the P55M-UD2, etc.), I found some issues with it. Some members reported sleep issues, so I caved in to test it. After updating to F10, I observed USB...
  12. Lnx2Mac

    MicroCenter: i7-930 Box @ $199.99 // i7-860 Box @ $229.99

    Guys, Sorry for "spamming", but this looks like a terrific deal ! i7-930: ... id=0331303 i7-860: ... id=0317378 Enjoy, Lnx2Mac
  13. Lnx2Mac

    Orange HDD icons and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector...

    I read some posts about having some adverse effects with IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector... Can anyone confirm this ? Anyway, in my quest for "vanillaness" (I rather have one-less-kext, even if it's just a plist, with no custom driver behind), I came up with this method. Two alternatives are...
  14. Lnx2Mac

    [HOWTO] Improve I/O performance & prolong SSD life

    As most Unix-based file-systems, HFS+ also updates the 'access time' upon reading files (don't confuse this with change/modification time). Just browsing a directory will cause these accesses (e.g for previewing the file), leading to lots of unnecessary disk writes... And think of Time...
  15. Lnx2Mac

    [HOWTO] Move /Users to a separate partition

    HOWTO move /Users to a separate partition Last edits on: Jun 9, 2010 Why ? To have a separate partition with users' home directories, as this makes it easier to backup and manage your installation... And if you even want to reinstall your OS, your data will remain untouched. This might be...
  16. Lnx2Mac

    Beachball smilie in Firefox

    Tony, I just noticed Firefox hogging the CPU of my MBP C2D@2.5GHz+4GB RAM... 20% CPU when posting a reply... At the same time I noticed the smilies really crawl... Closed Firefox, opened just images/smilies/beachball.gif in a fresh window, and it even got to 26% CPU... :wtf: Tried on Safari...
  17. Lnx2Mac

    Separate partition for /Users

    I'm planning moving my /Users to a separate partition... To me (being a Unix guy), the most natural way to do it would be add it to fstab. However, I found /etc/fstab.hd with these contents: IGNORE THIS FILE. This file does nothing, contains no useful data, and might go away in future...
  18. Lnx2Mac

    S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring tools

    I came across these these GPLed "SMART Monitoring" programs: - SMARTReporter - smartmontools + GSmartControl (installable from FinkProject) Anybody using these ?
  19. Lnx2Mac

    BIOS F9 released for GA-P55M-UD4

    Yippie... Gonna download and hack the DSDT later on...
  20. Lnx2Mac

    Temperature Monitor or iStat Menus ?

    I'm trying to monitor my CPU temps... Installed both iStat Menus (+ the Intel sensors), and Temperature Monitor... Tried also smcfancontrol, but it crashes immediately (I guess it doesn't like fakesmc...) However, I'm getting different readings :o :wtf: Ambient: 27C Idle: istat reads...