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  1. soeryobadja

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440S [OpenCore 0.6.7]

    Thanks @rtke333 for your experience sharing. Let me check on this. A little bit strange on the layout ID, since all T440 use the same audio codec and therefore the layout ID presented in the OC files of @Sniki should be working OK. And will check on those fixed and refer back to the fixes you...
  2. soeryobadja

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440S [OpenCore 0.6.7]

    Hi @Sniki Thanks a lot for this development. After almost one year not doing anything with my T440, I am now updating from previous 0.5.7 version to current version of 0.7.0 using your ACPIs and updating to Big Sur from Catalina. Everything went well, but even while testing in Catalina when...
  3. soeryobadja

    Catalina + VirtualSMC > monitor CPU/GPU sensors and more

    What GPU you are using? Are you using correct Lilu and VSMC version? Do you have the GPU power monitored? Suggest you complete your profile so others can easily understand the context of your system and problem.
  4. soeryobadja

    << Solved >> If I Change Processor (but still same iMac Generation), do I need to change SMBIOS?

    Thanks @etorix and @Jamesbond007 for the advise. I will now go ahead with the upgrades since I can use the same SMBIOS. Some paid apps are also state non-transferrable in their T&C and locked into one SMBIOS; had this experience once, with my T440, switching from MBA to MBP SMBIOS make one app...
  5. soeryobadja

    << Solved >> If I Change Processor (but still same iMac Generation), do I need to change SMBIOS?

    Hi all, I currently have a running Hackintosh based upon i5-8400 using iMac19,1 SMBIOS. Everything is running perfect, the iServices like iCloud, Handoff, Airdrop, Appstore, as well as working audio production machine. However, I would like to upgrade to i7-9700 or even i9-9900 but my...
  6. soeryobadja

    << Solved >> Anyone Have Experience with Dante Audio System in a Hackintosh?

    Thanks @Henties for your great advise. My experiences with Dante pretty much align with your comment. Great experience working with Dante, especially on the fact they are running on top of ethernet with ease of deployment. I don't use dante that frequent though, but everytime I use it Dante was...
  7. soeryobadja

    << Solved >> Anyone Have Experience with Dante Audio System in a Hackintosh?

    Hi all, Anybody here has experience running Dante System (specifically, Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller) in a hackintosh, specifically an iMac Hackintosh? I previously ran Dante system using 2 different hackintosh based on Thinkpad laptop, one a T440 Haswell and other one a T460s...
  8. soeryobadja

    Issues with Intel I210

    Hi, Any chance the Intel I210-T1 works in Catalina? By OOB I understand as no kext required, but this thread implies differently? I am considering buying a used I210-T1 card to be used in my hackintosh, so any advise is very appreciated. Thanks.
  9. soeryobadja

    Dante Virtual Soundcard, macOS Catalina, and kernel_task

    Hi all, Would like to ask for guidance regarding my very specific issue here. I am building a hack using iMac19,1 SMBIOS, which so far has been very stable to run Logic Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere as well as other macOS apps and also AppStore and iCloud features. However, I recently...
  10. soeryobadja

    Catalina can execute update without admin user account

    Hi all, I manage several macOS in my organisation, using Admin account and Standard user account. Previously, the iMac was installed with 10.15.5 and we don't have any plan to make any update since everything is doing OK for our intended use. However, the user had noticed me about the iMac...
  11. soeryobadja

    gibMacOS Tutorial ~ How to Download macOS Directly from Apple

    Why I don't see Catalina 10.15.7 19H15 shown in gibMacOS? Latest version shown is 19H4.
  12. soeryobadja

    macOS 10.15.7 Supplemental Update

    Success updating smoothly with OpenCore 0.6.0
  13. soeryobadja

    macOS 10.15.7 Update

    10.15.6 to 10.15.7 update smoothly without any major issue, using OpenCore 0.5.9 on my 2 machines, i.e. NUC6i3 and Thinkpad T440.
  14. soeryobadja

    ASUS Aura control for RGB lighting with a Hackintosh?

    Hi @CalcProgrammer1 I am using Asus Z390-A Prime, which assuming that it also use similar controller to your board Z270-a, means the OpenRGB app is not working yet for my board as of now?
  15. soeryobadja

    gpu temperature info rx 580 8gb

    Thanks for the reading resource. Intresting information for me. What I see in the HWMonitorSMC2 about total power on my RX580 is (I assume) total board power which shows 145W in my above picture. Meaning, this is the instantaneous measured power consumption of the GPU board seen by...
  16. soeryobadja

    gpu temperature info rx 580 8gb

    Thanks for sharing your numbers. I got the following in idle with dual monitor. While in single monitor setup see from HWMonitorSMC2, Core and Memory Clock is at around 0.300GHz with temperature around 40degC and power shown around 100W. I do a comparative checking using direct power meter...
  17. soeryobadja

    AMD RX 590 Graphics card

    Thanks for the pointer. Will look for it to read and learn.
  18. soeryobadja

    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Thanks @jaymonkey Then I suppose it will not affect power consumption, as that is where I have "doubts" since I am doing dual monitor setup with RX580 but it always shows full core clock and around 140W of power in idle. I will check with actual power measurement from the CPU tomorrow to make...
  19. soeryobadja

    AMD RX 590 Graphics card

    Thanks @Gigamaxx I am still on Mojave though. Just for my curiosity, where do I search "SoftPowerPlayTables"? Sorry for the dumb question, I tried in IORegistry and Spotlight but cannot find. When you said "auto means auto" meaning nothing can be done about it (as it is native macOS) and can...
  20. soeryobadja

    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Hi all, I am curious whether this modification is for iMac Headless SMBIOS or iMacPro? I am using iMac19,1 definition with RX580 Nitro+ in headless mode, anybody has any experience?