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  1. LinuxMac

    [SOLVED] VoodooHDA Volume Slider Control Fix

    Thanx so much!!!! Works on Sierra!!
  2. LinuxMac

    Samsung NP350V4C with OS Sierra

    Hello estimates along with greet wanted to share with you my experience of having installed OS Sierra on my Laptop. This is not a guide and I do not know if the post should go here but as I am new I hope the moderators can suggest where I should go. I think it can be a small contribution to the...
  3. LinuxMac

    Sometimes I have audio and sometimes I do not El Capitan

    Hi friends, I do not know if this issue has been dealt with before, I suppose so. I was looking for it, but the specific problem I have I did not find it so I decided to ask it here. I have a problem with the audio of my notebook ie sometimes I have and sometimes not, example .. I do not have...
  4. LinuxMac

    DVD Player doesn't work on Yosemite?

    Thanx so much it works
  5. LinuxMac

    Black Screen on Yosemite troubles and solutions help

    Thanx Rehabman, i see this guide but dont solve my specific problem that is AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext. When reinstall that kext the screen turns Black when reboot. I dont know how edit this kext to fix the problem because y have Intel Core i3-3110M 2,40GHz Intel HD Graphics 4000 and i dont...
  6. LinuxMac

    Black Screen on Yosemite troubles and solutions help

    Hello friends, excuse my English please I am writing for a problem that I have with my sony Vaio hackintosh. I just installed Yosemite, it was not difficult and I did not have to use any bootflag other than -v. When the installation finished rebooting the computer without any boot flag...
  7. LinuxMac

    i don't have graphics acceleration on Yosemite

    I would like to thank this website for sharing your knowledge. Thanks to that I am enjoying a beautiful computer with Yosemite. If something works I can respond that the solution to the graphics was given by the "Yosemite combo update". Once it finished, I rebooted the computer, everything...
  8. LinuxMac

    i don't have graphics acceleration on Yosemite

    Hi estimates, I have a hp pavilion G4 intel core i3 second generation intel hd graphics 3000 8 Gb Ram and I installed Yosemite. It works wifi and audio, but among other things I can not make the graphics acceleration work properly. The resolution of the screen works but there is no interface...
  9. LinuxMac

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro HD4400 QHD+ QE/CI working

    Ok RehabMan, sorry for the delay, is for my job. Thanx so much for the answer Best regards!
  10. LinuxMac

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro HD4400 QHD+ QE/CI working

    Hello sorry for my query, but I do not understand much of this ... where should I locate the kext FakePCIID for HD4400? In some folder of Clover? Many thanks for the reply greetings
  11. LinuxMac

    Laptop Compatibility

    Ok i Will Thanx Best!
  12. LinuxMac

    [Guide] Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro El Capitan using Clover UEFI

    Thanx so much for the tutorial cfb44 I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 pro and i will try to do that. Best regards and thanx again
  13. LinuxMac

    Laptop Compatibility

    Thanx so much for the post, and sorry my english but is the firs time that i can understand so good about laptops and hackintosh. Best regards
  14. Mavericks 1

    Mavericks 1

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