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  1. yCatDev

    MSI Alpha and Bravo series support

    Hi there. MSI Alpha and Bravo series have dGPU that officially supports by Apple but why there is no any posts about building hackintosh on them? There some fatal problems (AMD Ryzen 4 series should work well)? I want to buy one of them for Hackintosh purposes but cant find even any try.
  2. yCatDev

    IGPU works in Recovery/Installer but not in normal OS boot.

    Hello. I have an Intel Core i3-3220 (H61-M motherboard) with an Intel HD2500. I've heard that it doesn't have full acceleration, but I've found evidence that it works well in Mojave and Catalina. I used OpenCore Guide for Ivy Bridge, WhateverGreen Intel Guide and this video. After that I...
  3. yCatDev

    What is the minimum nvidia graphics card with the Metal v2 API for Hackintosh

    Hello everyone. I am build Hackintosh and need cheep graphics card with Metal API Support for OS X Mojave. Maybe Gigabyte GT 710 1gb GDDR5 (64 bit)?