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  1. Superbogey

    Nvidia and Softbank Buy Arm

  2. Superbogey

    Can Anyone Confirm Clover Download Site Has Apparently Moved

    It would appear that with the notice for a new version of Clover (5071. From the optional System Pref Pane), the zip file that downloads from the usual Sourceforge site only contains a file named New_version.rtf file with the text: "You are in the wrong place, go here...
  3. Superbogey

    IORegistryExplorer No Longer Works In Catalina

    Does anyone know of an alternative to this app that is 64 bit compatible? It will no longer launch if running macOS 10.15 (Catalina).
  4. Superbogey

    System Specification Detail on User Profile Oddity

    Not sure where to post this so if it's in the wrong category, I'll rely on one of the Mods to move it to the appropriate section. I noticed that when I recently updated my main build info in my profile - replacing a Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB video card with a new MSI Aero RX 560 4GB OC, the next...
  5. Superbogey

    Secret ARC Processor Hidden in Intel's Core CPUs?

    Anyone else read up on this? Interesting "Chicken Little" article at Boing Boing about the above processor with the ability to run independently of the main CPU. Talk amongst yourselves...
  6. Superbogey

    Doubling RAM In Lion 10.7.3 Now Freezes With Post Code 73

    Hi. I'm having trouble with a previously reliable system I built 2 years ago after trying to double the RAM from 6GB to 12GB (3 new identical G-Skill F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ 2GB sticks same as original 3). It will still boot into Windows 7 showing all 12GB but no matter what I do (setting Lion to...