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  1. brightlee

    Hope someone could help figure out why my system crashed.

    Hello, guys i build a hackintosh with I5-8400 itx-z370n-wifi Some times it crash, here is the crash log, i appreciate it if someone could help me figure out the reason.
  2. brightlee

    [SUCCESS] Suney's Mini Cube ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 - UHD 630 Graphics - High Sierra

    good job! Thanks for your sharing. Here is what I got for the this issue Add DSDT Patches: Open config.plist with Clover Configurator Select Acpi Verify you have the following under DSDT -> Patches in this exact order. HECI -> IMEI Patch Comment: change HECI to IMEI Find* [Hex]: 48454349...