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  1. adamsoundSTL

    Accidentally installed Clover on a ML / Chameleon drive

    Thanks in advance to all the great help here, I've done some searching but haven't turned anything up yet exactly like what I need. Feel free to scold and point me somewhere if needed. I had a working install with my Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5, 3930k, 32GB Corsair Vengeance, and ASUS ENGT520. Got a...
  2. adamsoundSTL

    BIOS settings on existing machine

    Hi, pretty newbie question, but I have an existing CustoMac running 10.8.2, gigabyte board, 3930k i7. My hardware will run El Capitan, and my main software (ProTools) will run happily on El Capitan. So I've built a USB drive and have a second SSD installed to have a completely separate install...
  3. adamsoundSTL

    ProTools installation

    I've been running a hack for ProTools for 4+ years, looking at upgrading. High Sierra isn't yet approved so it'll be Sierra. You can run hardware over thunderbolt but also PCI, which is what I'll likely do. Just wondering if anyone has the recommended CustoMac build running ProTools? I7 7700k...
  4. adamsoundSTL

    laptop options?

    I'm hooked after building my i7 3990k tower, and saw NewEgg has a DELL Inspiron 13z (i13z-8864sLV) on sale today and I'd love to turn that into a Mac! But I know laptops are very particular about what you have that will work. is there a recent list somewhere? Will this sale laptop work? Thanks!
  5. adamsoundSTL

    hdmi cable = smoke from power supply

    so I had my ga-x79-ud5 build almost totally done, just sorting out a second monitor through the gt520. ordered an HDMI monitor, and hooked it up with a borrowed hdmi cable from our home theater setup. Worked great, two monitors, YAHOO. however that 6' cord didn't quite reach where I needed...
  6. adamsoundSTL

    GT520 dual monitors

    ga-x79-ud5, i7 3930k, Asus GT520 took me lots of troubleshooting but finally after installing this :: :: I have a solid boot and signal on one monitor coming off the DVI port. my second monitor I have is a VGA input, so I got a...
  7. adamsoundSTL

    help with EFI Studio

    hi, trying to resolve a QE/GL issue on a GT520 card, and I'm not sure how to generate the string I need in EFI Studio. the card doesn't show up in the list, and I'm not sure how to generate it or where to find it. thanks!
  8. adamsoundSTL

    QE Open GL on GT520

    starting a new thread, though this is a continuation of an old one, as it seems to be mostly (or at least first) an open GL issue. ga-x79-ud5 i7 3930k Asus ENGT520 silent I've tried every kext I can find, and have tried the open GL steps I understand (terminal commands and installing kexts)...
  9. adamsoundSTL

    strange QuickTime movie playback bug with GT520 on ML

    I have a freshly built Hack with a GT520, running ML 10.8.2, and I have Protools 10.3.3 up and running smoothly. HOWEVER Out of my large library of QuickTimes (I do sound design for films and video, so I have lots of project files laying around) only 2 will play back in ProTools at a 48k...
  10. adamsoundSTL

    ga-x79-ud5 boot drive order

    got this board up and running with an i7 3930k and GT520 graphics. however when i go to the BIOS to set the boot drive for my SSD connected via SATA, all I see is that drive (and my other SATA drive) via UEFI: not via SATA. somewhere I read that you can find it as P0: or something but don't...
  11. adamsoundSTL

    no signal on monitor

    Hi, total newbie here but trying to get an i7 build going to run ProTools. GA-X79-UD5 board i7 3930k vengeance low profile RAM (24gb total) running on three channels - I thought I was plugging them in to ABC but BIOS reports they're on BCD. Asus GT520 Silent graphics card I have a friend who...