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  1. Methanoid

    Multibooting Legacy & UEFI Operating Systems

    Hi I may be misunderstanding how this all works so go easy (please!) I have an HP Prodesk 400 G1 (Haswell, with Kepler GT730). I have two SSDs (identical) and want to be able to boot Windows10, MacOS Catalina, Ubuntu Linux (most likely or a flavour of Ubuntu) and an OS called AROS...
  2. Methanoid

    Multibooting MacOS Versions

    Clover or Opencore? which will enable me to install a LOT of versions (well at least 2!) of MacOS and boot them? How do we give each different config.plist/kexts?
  3. Methanoid

    Multiple Installers

    I am pretty sure we cannot currently but maybe someone knows a method... but what about building a USB installer for multiple versions of MacOS? I don't see Unibeast doing this but is there another way?
  4. Methanoid

    Clover Legacy MultiBoot advice?

    I have a single HDD system and need to multi boot. Clover needed for El Capitan and not UEFI as the machine is elderly. So we are needing Clover Legacy. I need to boot 5 OS: Windows (needs a Primary partition) OSX El Capitan (needs a primary?) Ubuntu (doesnt need a primary) AROS (uses Grub...
  5. Methanoid

    Newer Nvidia for Snow?

    I'm wondering whether the newer Chimera and any Nvidia driver updates help with running more modern graphics cards with Snow Leopard. Yes, I know I could run Lion or ML or Mav or Yo but I am asking about Snow. eg. GT440 will be fine.. GT520? GT620, GT730? The database is ancient and most...
  6. Methanoid

    XP Not Found

    Installed XP (32bit, don't ask why!) and it boots fine on my Z68MA-D2H setup. However, Chimera does not see that SSD. I have Win7 & Win 8 on one SSD, OSX Mav on another and a third SSD with XP only (Linux soon also). Any idea why Chimera doesn't see it? I wondered if since OSX went x64 only...
  7. Methanoid

    Chimera usage

    I generally tend to triple boot on all my machines - Windows, OSX and Linux Chimera appears on each boot and waits 5 seconds. However it only displays the default partition (normally OSX but can be set to any partition). If you hit a key like a side arrow or something then all bootable...
  8. Methanoid

    Alternate Install Methods

    I have an Acer V5-171 with Core i3 3217U (HD4000), Realtek Sound (supported), Broadcom LAN (supported) but every time I try with UniBeast install I get stuck with Waiting for Root Device and fail to get to installer. Tried diff kernel flags but no joy. Using USB2 ports (not blue USB3) for...
  9. Methanoid

    Virtu to get around unsupported card

    I have an HD7750 and would like to Hackintosh my PC but dual boot. If I set Lucid Virtu to i-Mode (ie connect the cable to the iGPU) in Windows I could gain benefit for games of a decent graphics card but would OSX use the iGPU (HD3000/4000) which is supported and know nothing about the...