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  1. Cfreak

    Easiest way to go from Ivy Bridge > Coffee Lake...

    @dinz14 - Other than being on 10.12.6 & GTX 1050TI - I am in exactly the same position as you. please LMK how it goes and what you ended up with... TIA! I do occasional 4k Multicam editing and am finding sometimes the machine is struggling & renders are getting longer as I start adding more...
  2. Cfreak

    macOS Mojave on Z77 motherboards - Reminder

    Thank you for this guide! I was starting to feel I was the only one still using my Z77 build, lol!
  3. Cfreak

    Premiere Pro Vs Media Encoder (CC 2018)

    I had these issues too on my 3770k system with GTX1050TI, I think it was headless Intel Quick Sync related when using a dGPU (monitors on my dGPU - GTX 1050TI). If you try in AME using "SW Only" does the problem go away? You could read the new guide on LILU and it use the WhateverGreen plugin...
  4. Cfreak

    Slugnet's Video Editor - GA-Z77X-UD5H, i7-3770k, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti

    I added a Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and it's working fine.
  5. Cfreak

    (Near) Perfect High Sierra Setup on Z77x-UD5H / Ivy Bridge i5 / RX 560

    I have the same MB & Processor (SlugNet's Video Editor build) and have upgraded to 10.12 and am trying to iron out some GPU issues and configure Intel Quick Sync. @ coscos Is there a reason you recommend the latest BIOS? Every BIO since F14 is listed as being BETA BIOS. I recall reading when I...
  6. Cfreak

    Error -12912 when exporting in h264 in FCPX

    I have an i7 3770k which I believe uses the HD4000... and a GTX 1050-TI 4 GB How would I get both to work properly together? -I regularly use Premiere Pro and am having stability issues with the NVRESMAN kext crashing when I put a lot of filters on a 4k video clip. Turn on the iGHPU in the...
  7. Cfreak

    Hackintosh Reboots Randomly With Graphic Intensive Use

    I am also having forced reboots from Premiere Pro CC2017 when I am using a lot of filters on UHD footage. It happens when I start tweaking things like a zoom in on an clip, and I start manipulating the timing features of the key frames. It's very frustrating. I am starting to think I need a 9xx...
  8. Cfreak

    [Solved] Clover 4509 entries missing

    Thanks for the tips, a Unibeast Sierra USB stick was also not recogognized as it is HFS formatted too. I removed the boot HDD, put it into an enclosure, hooked it up to a MacBook Pro I won, and saw the back-up EFI folders. Copy Pasted a known good one (v4458), put the drive back into the...
  9. Cfreak

    [Solved] Clover 4509 entries missing

    It happened to me with the 4509 update via the control panel "Clover" had an update. I was hoping this would solve my missing HDA audio issue in 4497. This is the last time I am doing that! After the 4509 update Clover couldn't fond a boot drive. I suspected something in the bios, went in tried...
  10. Cfreak

    Frequent NVidia related kernel panics and gpu restarts

    Hi, Did you ever get this resolved? I have a build of "Slugnet's Video editor" (in my sig.) and after years on 10.8.5 upgraded last summer to 10.12.6 and finally upgraded 2 months ago my GTX 580 3GB to a GTX 1050ti 4GB (best I could do at this crazy time for GPUs). It worked fine for 6...
  11. Cfreak

    GTX 1060 does not get detected by Sierra 10.12.5

    Yup, I had to do that too and now my GTX1050TI went from being recognized as 256 MB to 4096 MB by "About this Mac". FWIW, Cuda-Z saw it correctly regardless of this setting.
  12. Cfreak

    Best HackBook (2017, Skylake/Kaby Lake) under 550$

    Hi PavelIT, I am at the same skill level as you. Did you choose something? I am also looking into the guides, rehabman posted.
  13. Cfreak

    Meltdown and Spectre

    Details from Apple here:
  14. Cfreak

    Mouse preference pane quits unexpectedly

    After upgrading my 2013 CustoMac Pro from 10.8.5 to 10.12.5/.6 and lots of scouring the forums I had decided weeks ago I needed to upgrade my wifi card to a real Mac Airport extreme (which took weeks to get all the parts from 3 different Ebay vendors in the mail) !!! Tonight I put it all...
  15. Cfreak

    Laptop Compatibility

    @GarrettNorvell You might want to checkout the "MBP eGPU" hacks some MBP users have been using. Google will get you there. YMMV.
  16. Cfreak

    Laptop Compatibility

    Could you point me to some of the successes of using a dedicated discrete graphics (no Intel graphics) gnu in a gaming laptop? That's the first I've heard of this success, but, I haven't checked back in several months. I am interested in cuda performance when using Nvidia cards for video...
  17. Cfreak

    Gtx 970m

    I am following this thread. I am psyched that someone for a laptop with a big nvidia GPU running on it. If you want performance c& memory confirmation you could try using CUDA-Z if you haven't already. Post a screen shot if you can, that would be really nice to...
  18. Cfreak

    Slugnet video editor - 2014 update help

    I have this build too. I edit multi cam with 3 cameras, 1 camera being a panasonic GH4 UHD 4k video (100mbit/s). I also have the GTX 580. PPro CC runs a little slower than with 3 1080 streams, but, I find the performance still acceptable. I will jump on a GTX 970 when the prices come down (like...
  19. Cfreak

    Slugnet's Video Editor - GA-Z77X-UD5H, i7-3770k, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti

    As a general rule of thumb after many frustrations with apple 10 years ago (and video editing), never upgrade to the latest OS, upgrade to the perfected OS, which is currently 10.9.5. All the bugs have been worked out of that one.
  20. Cfreak

    Laptop Newbie: Looking to have a mobile video editing laptop

    nguyenmac thank you for your answer. I am running into the same roadblocks with the MBP, no more 17" 1080P screens, rMBP don't have a built in optical drive, so I was hoping for a Hackintosh solution. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!