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  1. alejandrozx6

    CATALINA 10.15.4 X99 problem.

    i have a hackingtosh asus x99 strix - i7 5930k - 16gb dd4 - 5700xt. but I feel like it doesn't work well. the somewhat slow. CPU frequency is 4.8 on benchmark. but I don't overclock it in bios. can you advise me something these are the results of geekbench. and my EFI folder. helpme please.
  2. alejandrozx6

    HELP asus x99 strix - i7 5390k - 5700xt.

    Hi. I have problems with this configuration. Someone has a link where you can follow a not so complex guide. or an efi folder with similar configuration for 10.15.3. thanks.