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  1. peejack12

    how to format drive start over Snow Leo DVD?

    i cannot get my lion to work after i f***ked it up how do i format seperate internal hdd to do fresh leopard install, I do have a seperate hd that is working fine for windows Nooby, Thanks,
  2. peejack12

    Please! Someone How Do U use rboot rescue CD?

    I am desperately needing some help i cannot boot into my lion build. i messed up DSDT all i want to do is get access to restore original build from Time Machine HELP!
  3. peejack12

    lion 7.3 update I messed up Need help Nooby

    Cannot get rboot to work have bootable lion DVD, I do have original hack time machined backed up just can't get to it. The person who build this for me moved out of state :( Gygabite GA p55A UD3 I5 QUAD CORE 3.20 INVIDIA G FORCE GT 240 12GB RAM SCREEN ERROR BELOW MAC Framework successfully...