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  1. MED1975

    MultiBeast - Legacy USB Support

    Hi guys Just need some assistance understanding the above in MultiBeast. I have a socket 1156 motherboard which is mentioned in the release notes. Not sure if I *have* to enable the legacy support (if so will need to rebuild my install USB stick!). I dont really understand what a RMH USB is...
  2. MED1975

    Optical Drive - eject issue causing system to freeze

    Hi guys I originally posted this in the software forum as I thought the issue just related to using HandBrake but it now seems to be a general system issue. GA-P55M-UD2 running 10.7.4 with a Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD±RW DL SATA Optical Drive I first noticed the problem trying to rip a DVD with...
  3. MED1975

    HandBrake - strange scenario when ripping DVDs

    I have posted this issue on the HandBrake forum and they have suggested that it's an hardware issue and I should take it in to an Apple store to get checked out. Obvioulsy can'd do that! :D When I try and rip a DVD with HandBrake everything starts as you would expect, but after about 10...
  4. MED1975

    Sleep issue - restarting instead of waking up!

    Hi guys. I promise I have Googled this and searched the forums but not found anything similar. I am running Lion 10.7.4 with MultiBeast 4.5.2 - it is using a well edited DSDT (GA-P55M-UD2) and everything is working except for sleep. I used to get the CMOS reset issue but this no longer...
  5. MED1975

    Unpatched Lion AppleRTC.kext

    Can anyone provide me with an unpatched AppleRTC.kext - I have been modifying mine to try and get sleep working and cant find my backup! I want to go back to a vanilla Lion one! Thanks in advance MED
  6. MED1975

    Dual boot not working unless complete powerdown

    Hi I am unable to swap between Windows and Lion 10.7.2 unless I completley shutdown my PC and turn off power at the rear. I have recently rebuilt my entire rig and sure that I didnt have to do this before. I have Windows on a SSD, 1 regualr SATA HDD for data and a third separate HDD for Lion...
  7. MED1975

    EasyBCD Triple Boot!

    Hi guys I have my computer set up with Windows 7 and Ubuntu on one HDD, I then have a separate HDD with Lion installed. As the moment I either wait for EasyBCD to pop up and can select either Windows or Ubuntu. If I want to run OS X I need to change boot order and make the Lion HDD the first...
  8. MED1975

    Sleep Mode - Lion GA-P55M-UD2 F11 BIOS

    Hi guys I am confusing myslef quite a lot here by reading the various posts on the subject. Is sleep possible in Lion 10.7.2 with my motherboard and BIOS. It was my understanding that the DSDT I downloaded and installed with MultiBeast included the CMOS reset fix? If so it doesnt seem to be...
  9. MED1975

    Lion 10.7.2 new build - no LAN after DSDT P55M-UD2 [Solved]

    Hi community! first post and first hackintosh! I have used the new UniBeast guide and applied the pre-made DSDT file for my motherboard. Everything is working it seems apart from a few niggles. Confusingly I don't have ethernet working. It did work on the first boot prior to installing the...