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  1. graphicstation

    ASUS K501UW-AB78 Compatibility?

    So my old MacBook Pro is dying and the new ones suck (Action bar gimmick, non existent ports, lower specs etc.) and looking for a new laptop to do a mackintosh on. I searched but didn't see anything on this model, but below are the specs, all of which I've seem look to be supported - any advice...
  2. graphicstation

    Can't Get 3 Monitors Working

    Has anyone successfully connected 3 monitors (typically used for gaming) to their Hackintosh /OS Sierra build? Currently I have three and it works great under my Windows 10 (I have a dual boot system), but my Mac only recognizes 2 of the three. Setup: Two of the monitors are connected via DP...
  3. graphicstation

    Reboot halfway after setting up Windows dual boot

    HELP! Ugh...In my quest for greater pc gaming I broke my Hackintosh Mac OS - it's now back to the black screen ayto-rebooting have way through starting up. Only thing I can think of is while using the PC/Windows side I connected three monitors. Somewhere on this forum I recall seeing this before...
  4. graphicstation

    Clover and/or Clover Configuator

    Need help on next step regarding Clover now that I finally got my OS back up and running (scared to shut down or restart). This is for me not well defined, and I see throughout the forum different versions referenced. Cover - (Assumed use) to put the box into os or other options, is this the...
  5. graphicstation

    MultiBeast Error

    Previously worked, but today I was trying to adjust my audio selections, when I went to install, Multibeast version 8.2.3 (1) generated error shown below, and I can't find the multibeast.log mentioned anywhere, on local drive or the EFI partition. Any ideas?
  6. graphicstation

    G4 Tower Build (Sawtooth)

    Finally started my FIRST Hackintosh Project. Thanks to this website I've been able to do quite a bit of research and ready to start my build. The Apple G4 was one of the best computers I ever owned, purchased new in 1998, it was still running, and until Apple changed processor/architecture ran...