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  1. newmacbee

    Screen blacks-out intermittently

    Hello, I've recently been using HDMI port on the display on which I noticed that the screen blacks-out intermittently. Everything works otherwise, all websites, videos etc, however, there's random black-out. I tried changing the HDMI cable as well, but still the same issue. I used VGA port...
  2. newmacbee

    Amd RX 550 with Intel i5-4460

    Dear folks, I had NVIDIA GT610 which is now not working with MacOS Mojave. Hence wanted advice from the community if this combination should be fine? AMD RX 550 with Intel i5 4460 Other specs : 24 GB Memory, 250 GB SSD. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. newmacbee

    HDMI port on Intel HD4600 never worked on Sierra/HS

    Dear members, I've been unable to bring the (integrated) HDMI to work on my El Capitan, Sierra, HS Hackintosh's ever. Whenever I tried, the screen just goes black not even showing the motherboard logo as well. I even tried the HDMI port of nVidia GT610 as well and same black screen... Tried...
  4. newmacbee

    High Sierra always starts with safe mode boot flag

    Hello, Ever since HS came out, I've to start my HS hackintosh with safe mode boot flag, otherwise, it won't start and shows a small spoke like circle running infinitely. And maybe because of this also, I'm unable to perform post installation using multicast. Please help me to resolve this long...
  5. newmacbee

    Unibeast 8.0 - Error while creating bootable USB

    Hello members, I'm trying to create a High Sierra bootable USB (16 GB) using Unibeast 8.0 but got this error 2 times. To start with, I'd formatted the pen drive using Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Scheme: GUID partition map. However, getting the attached error. Your help is appreciated to...
  6. newmacbee

    Soundbot 430 Bluetooth 4.0 dongle - Is it compatible with (High/)Sierra ?

    Dear members, Can you please help me in suggesting if Soundbot 340 Bluetooth 4.0 dongle is compatible with Sierra/High Sierra Hackintosh ? Thank you. EDIT: Soundbot 340 not 430.
  7. newmacbee

    HighSierra on APFS + Can't mount EFI partition

    Dear members, I Installed HS with APFS (new Installation) on Samsung 850 EVO and got installed fine using Clover 4220 (UEFI). I now want to add few Kexts (like AppleALC, XHCI-200-series, USBInjectAll) for which I need to mount the EFI partition but am unable to mount it. Please refer the...
  8. newmacbee

    Sierra Hackintosh - Wireless kext/utility for Digisol WN3300N

    Dear Members, I've installed Sierra hackintosh with below configuration. Everything is working fine except for the wireless utility for Digisol WN3300N. i5-4460 24 GB RAM 256 GB SSD nVidia GT610 (Acceleration is finally working for 10.12.6, O Gosh.. FINALLY !) The Wireless Network Utility...
  9. newmacbee

    Changed from 15.6 to 23 inches, display turns off after apple logo

    Dear team, Today I changed the display of my hackintosh from 15.6 in to 23 in. The display turns off after showing the apple logo when I use D-Sub port. My hackintosh details, El Capitan Core i5, 4460 24 GB RAM GT 610 New display is Benq vz2350hm. Please let me know what changes do I need to...
  10. newmacbee

    Intel i5 4th gen, 16 GB ram

    Hello experts, My hackintosh on El Capitan had been fine with gt610 until apple dropped support for it. Can I increase the integrated Intel hd400 graphics memory to support hardware acceleration on Sierra ? I have 16 GB RAM. If not, please suggest me a budget graphics card which can last at...
  11. newmacbee

    Boot using Installed El capitan HDD but not using bootable USB

    Dear All, I've successfully installed El Capitan Mackintosh using Clover (thanks all for your help). I have 2 concerns, 1. As mentioned in the threads, I noticed that as of now, the only option to boot into the OS is using the bootable USB. May I know if the solution is available to boot...