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  1. wellmanb

    Help! Hackintosh will not boot after update

    I upated my hackintosh lion osx and the sound quit working. I ran multibeast and I think I did not use the correct settings. I deleted all kexts with hda and vodoo and now it is stuck on the apple and spinning wheel. I ran verbose and the screenshot is here.Photo May 23, 9 21 59 AM.jpg Any...
  2. wellmanb

    audio issue

    OK, like a complete moron I ran the mac lion update and it killed my sound. I ran multibeast and evidently chose the wrong driver. I wanted to go in and delete the kexts but I cannot see them. I held the option key and still do not see them. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. wellmanb

    Is there a guide for dual booting w/2 drives lion and win?

    I've only seen partition one drive or where ppl have had success but show little or no steps. If I missed it, I apologize. I have been searching.
  4. wellmanb

    No audio on Z68MA-D2h-B3

    Everything else seems to be working! :lol: I've gotten this far before then tried to load more drivers for audio and it crashed. I think it may have been the universal ones. This time I just loaded the realtek drivers listed in multi beast. I see audio options under system info but no sound...
  5. wellmanb

    No boot after multibeast audio selections

    :banghead: well I had almost everything working and was loading software. All going well. Moved computer to final location and hooked up speakers. No sound. Rebooted a couple of times, nothing. Under system info sound options were showing up. Reloaded multibeast audio options including...
  6. wellmanb

    Sapphire 6870 HD and update question.

    Well, I have built my first hackintosh over the past few days. It's been very painful. Anyways, I finally am able to boot into Lion after using easybeast. DSDT's through multibeast caused issues. I have only loaded the network card through multibeast and I am currently using the onboard gpu...
  7. wellmanb

    Help! Lion install issues.

    I am building my first hackintosh and I have been at it all day. First a bad power supply, and numerous os install problems. I got Lion to load from Unibeast. After the install when you do the restart, it will not boot to Lion. It goes to a white screen if I try to load straight to Lion. If...
  8. wellmanb

    Gigabyte D2H-B3 mobo version?

    :?: I just got lion working on my first hackintosh and was about to load the dsdt. When I go to download it there are four versions. How do you tell what version the mono is? Thanks!
  9. wellmanb

    New hackintosh install

    Started putting my new system together last night. Had a doa ps. I got another ps this morning and now I have another issue. I am using unibeast and get stuck on a white screen trying it install. I see the load screen and chose USB. I see the apple logo and then just a white screen. Build is...
  10. wellmanb

    My first hackintosh......the journey begins. Please advise

    Hello, I would not being doing this without this site so many thanks! Could you look over my parts list? I am ordering next week. Thank you again! SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIE Graphics Card Intel Core i7-2600K Processor Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM Dual Channel Memory...