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  1. hw007

    Unable to install 10.13.5

    OK, so maybe some of you can help out I'm on 10.3.3 Using latest clover 4509, updated from Clover Configurator (made sure vboxhsf64.efi is checked) Rebooted to confirm it was working. I have added the latest apfs.efi to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/ Downloaded the 10.13.5 combo...
  2. hw007


    Hi All, So I've got a working Yosemite install, all is working fine. I have used Clover (I used to be on Chimera) When an update is released, I normally download the Combo update, and then patch the audio What will the process be like with Clover, will it be exactly the same or will I...
  3. hw007

    No end of trouble with Clover

    I've had a working machine with Chimera, everything was working except iMessage. Thought I would try out Clover, to see how easy / hard it would be to get it working, never again. Installed Yosemite with clover - that went OK Installed bootloader to machine - that went OK Rebooted -...
  4. hw007

    Please help - No output devices found

    So I installed Yosemite, but have a major issue with sound There is no option for sound "No output devices found" Motherboard : Z87X-UD5H Bootloader : Clover Any and all help really appreciated Thanks in advance Hitesh
  5. hw007

    Very odd issue.

    Hiya, I have built 2 hacks and both of them work well individually. Both of them are GA-X58A-UDR3 rev2 Lets call them Hack A (BIOS FF) and Hack B (BIOS FF), both running Lion in 64bits Hack A connects to the router using ethernet cable, gets DHCP ip address from the router. Hack B connects...
  6. hw007

    ML Server

    Hiya, I have 3 Lion machines in my house, planning to upgrading atleast 2 machines to ML when it gets released. What would be the benefits for me to get ML server and what would I be able to do with it. Thanks HW
  7. hw007

    FaceTime - between two hacks

    Hi all, I'm trying to facetime between two hacks, both of them are almost identical builds, the only difference between them are the processors; I can connect both computers to my iPhone4 and facetime works. But when I try to facetime with the computers, i.e, one computer to another computer...
  8. hw007

    System Definition - what to use?

    Hiya, Just a quick question, I already have a working Hack, using the following parts; Gigabyte GA-X58A UD3R rev 2 FF Intel Core i7 950 3.07 ATI Sapphire HD 5770 1GB 2 x Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB 3 x 4GB Corsair Vengence 1 x Sony DVD Drive And I am using MacPro 5,1 as my system definition. What...
  9. hw007

    Countdown Timer?

    Hiya, Has anyone noticed the countdown timer on the blog website? Looks very interesting Any ideas as to what might get announced? HW
  10. hw007

    Enabling AirDrop kills network

    Hiya, When I enable AirDrop on my hackintosh using the following code defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 It kills my Internet, it assigns an unknown ip address! If I disable AirDrop everything seems to work fine. Any ideas HW
  11. hw007

    Done a clean install of Lion - No sound

    Hi All, Just done a clean install of Lion, Everything works just as before, but no sound, did multibeast 3.8 audio rollback, nothing. Any help will be appreaciated. HW
  12. hw007

    Installed Lion, but missing AirDrop

    Hi all, Have managed to install Lion over SL using xMove, no issues there. Tried to look for AirDrop, its missing. Looked in Finder Prefs to see if I have to enable, its just not there. Might be that there needs to be another computer on the same network with lion installed? Any light shed...
  13. hw007

    Can't get IP address

    Hi, I keep getting Self-Assigned IP. Have got DHCP turned on my router, all my other iDevices seem to get assigned and IP address apart from my hack. Used to work, but decided to update to 10.6.7 and since then I can't get it to work. Even tried to just install 10.6.3 and leave it at that...
  14. hw007

    Sony Bravia KDL32EX403U

    Just purchased the above TV to use as a monitor with my Hackintosh, will I need to do anything with kexts or anything else to get it to work. Or is it as simple as unplug old monitor and plug in new one via HDMI and away I go. Thanks in advance. Hitesh
  15. hw007

    Quick question about monitors.

    Hi, Currently I have my Hackintosh connected to a LCD monitor via VGA, if I was buy a TV/Monitor which has HDMI, would I need to do anything with Kexts. Or is it as simple as disconnect old and connect new one via HDMI. Thanks Hitesh
  16. hw007

    Help Needed x58a-ud3r

    Hello, Have managed to build the machine ok, can get into BIOS and set to ACHI. 1. Boot of iBoot - OK 2. Install OSX - OK 3. Reboot using iBoot and selecting OSX - OK Now the issues start. Once I run update and multibeast, and try and reboot without iBoot, I get a panic, am I meant to...
  17. hw007

    Really Confused.

    Hiya, I just want some clarification, cause the more I think about it the more confused I get. Planning on a new build, From my understanding the 5770 is currently not supported in 64 bit, but is in 32 bit. I have posted before regarding memory and graphics cards and have has some response...
  18. hw007


    Have posted earlier regarding Graphics card, my next question is about memory. Have looked at memory for my planned Hackintosh. Would the following memory be ok to use with a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R...
  19. hw007

    Question about Graphics card

    Planning on building a custom Hack, quick question is it better to go for an ATI card or Nvidia. Parents are in USA at the moment, so I'm planning on getting a few things there i.e. Motherboard - Gigabyte X58a-ud3r Processor - i7 930 2.8 Graphics card - Sapphire ATI 5770 1GB Brother...