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  1. Vorshim92

    Problem with dvi to vga adapter?

    Hi guys! I'm here to ask you to help me find a way to solve my problem. From another thread someone told me to come here, he said "Gigamaxx he may help you...." xD anyone knows a way to make working the dvi connector? i have an amd 7770 1gb. working with WhateverGreen and Lilu on hdmi. I have...
  2. Vorshim92

    [success :D] Mavericks on my build works! GA-Z77-DS3H rev.1.1

    Hi! I want only to say that OS X M. 10.9 works on my build *__* it's perfect build: GA-Z77-DS3H Rev.1.1 i5-3570k 8GB CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 Corsair Intel HD 4000 with 1GB VRAM Samsung SSD 830 128GB I will post some screen after :P