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  1. BobLewisPhoto

    "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer" error when y

    Sorry if this has been brought up previously. I searched but couldnt find anything on this. I have recently had failure when windows 7 tries to install security update kb3033929. After some searching I found the information below but I'm not sure the best way to proceed. Should I unplug the...
  2. BobLewisPhoto

    I swapped processor now I have no mouse in osx, windows still works

    I buillt this with z87x ud7 th and i5 4690. It's been working for about a month but with random lockups in osx. Since most other people used the i7 4770k I put one of those in and now when the system boots the mouse is dead. keyboard works but no mouse :-( While I had it open I also added an...
  3. BobLewisPhoto

    Location of mavericks update download

    My machine recently downloaded the update for 10.9.4 but I do not want to install it. Where is the downloaded file, so I can delete it? I have since changed the settings in system preferences/appStore to stop automatic downloads. Thanks!
  4. BobLewisPhoto

    is it possible to purchase, buy or download osx 10.9.0 Mavericks

    Is it still possible to purchase, buy or download osx 10.9.0. I've already installed 10.9.3 but I'm having problems with waking up after sleep. As a last resort I want to try earlier version of mavericks, if possible. Thanks!