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  1. Basneedshelp

    Bluetooth doesn't work

    I just finished my Hackintosh today using open core and Mac OSX 10.15.5 Everything works except Bluetooth & Wi-Fi from on my motherboard. I have already tried the intelbluetoothfirmware kext without success. I am 100% sure bluetooth and wifi are enabled since they work on windows. My specs are...
  2. Basneedshelp

    Few questions about my next build

    After 5 years its time to build a new machine. And I want to go with the i9 10900K along with preferably a small form factor motherboard. I'm doubting between mATX and ITX because I might want to add a second GPU in the future. So my first question is, does a hackintosh support multiple AMD...
  3. Basneedshelp

    How to setup boot options (NVRAM)

    Hi, Every time I boot my Hackintosh I get NVRAM errors unless I press F11 in the clover boot menu. I already tried Aptiomemory fix and saving NVRAM to my desktop. Is there anything I can do to automate pressing F11 when starting my computer? Thanks in advance
  4. Basneedshelp

    What do I need for sidecar support?

    Hi, I'm currently running my hackintosh without any flaws however sidecar doesn't appear to work ( It does show on the settings). However I don't have wifi om my computer and use bluetooth over a external usb. So what would I need in order to make it work? Thanks in advance for the replies :)
  5. Basneedshelp

    Xcode updates

    can I safely update my Mac through the normal update screen for the Xcode command line?
  6. Basneedshelp

    Windows doesn't show in Clover

    My windows drive doesn't show up in the clover boot loader. I followed a tutorial that should have fixed it by adding it my self to clover but it didn't work. I can still boot into the drive using F11 boot menu at launch but its not ideal. Anyone knows a quick fix? I can reinstall windows if...
  7. Basneedshelp

    Anyone knows what this crash report means?

    I got this crash report on catalina on every boot but I'm not sure what it means. Anyone that can translate it for me?
  8. Basneedshelp

    Your computer has been shutdown because of a problem

    Hi I just installed my Hackintosh and everything works perfectly fine except this annoying bug where it says my computer has been shutdown due to an error while it shutdown perfectly fine. I have no clue how to fix this yet. I have googled around a bit much most threads about this seems to have...
  9. Basneedshelp

    << Solved >> Multiple Errors ASUS Z170s , i7 6700K Catalina

    Hey guys, I'm a bit new to doing this but I followed this exact tutorial on youtube I also added the latest version of FakeSMC, Intel Eterhernet and USB Injectall. When I tried to boot into the installer it gets stuck at the Apple logo with no loading bar whatsoever. I went into verbose mode...