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  1. chirionutz

    QE/CI acceleration with Ati 5470m gpu in Mojave OS

    I want to ask if it is possible to get full qe/ci with this gpu in Mojave OS? I managed to get fixed the resolution (HD) only for my Dell 3010N laptop, but the os is very slow. I attach the clover folder and clover configuration for a better idea of my build. The problem is that vram only...
  2. chirionutz

    [Solved] Microsoft Touch Mouse - compatibility with High Sierra

    Is there any chance to use an obsolete Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse with High Sierra OS X, installing a third-party kext? I can't either see the mouse in bluetooth devices, although it used to work in Sierra out of the box in the basic use (cursor only, not touch scroll). I must say that this...
  3. chirionutz

    BCM4322 aka Dell DW1510 Wifi Bluetooth card

    Help! How can I get the bluetooth to work? I can use the bluetooth in Windows, so the card is bluetooth capable. The card works out of the box for wifi as you can see in the picture. Thank you in advance!
  4. chirionutz

    Audio Alc 269 - for High Sierra - patched kext - request

    Hi! Until Sierra I could use for audio a patched kext for my laptop configuration, but since I couldn't get audio working, but with voodoohda kext which is a bit annoying because of the noise it makes. I would be thankful if anyone can help me get audio working again in High Sierra either with...
  5. chirionutz

    Better microphone volume for alc 269 AppleHDA

    Hi! I have a functional laptop with mountain lion ( ). The only complaint is that the mic recording volume is low, although the input is set to max both in sound settings...
  6. chirionutz

    256 gb SSD recommendation

    I want to replace the hdd from my laptop with a fast ssd, 256 gb in size. Now I own a Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 gb hdd which is 7200 rpm. The bad part is that my laptop has SATA II connections, so no SATA III write speed benefit. What do you suggest? Shall I buy an ssd, will I see any...
  7. chirionutz

    iats Atheros Ethernet crash on boot (SOLVED)

    UPDATE Begining with 10.7.4: I have removed voodoohda.kext and I have installed the AppleHDA.kext modified to work for 10.7.4 for alc 269. Here is a printscreen: After the remove of voodoohda.kext and install of applehda.kext and install of atheros kext from unibeast, ethernet works without...
  8. chirionutz

    [SOLVED] Error on boot after install_HELP!

    The kernel panic was solved by adding -f to my I get this error (kernel panic) a few times before a successful boot. What should I do? Is it a boot loader issue? I already use chimera from multi beast 3.8.0. I have a dell dw 1510 wireless card (working out of the box)...
  9. chirionutz

    DW1510 wireless card causes kernel panic

    I get this error and have to reboot the laptop. It only happens when I boot with the ethernet cable unplugged while the wireless card searches for connections available. If I boot with the ethernet cable connected there is no kernel panic even though the wireless card is active. How can we fix...
  10. chirionutz

    ALC 269 audio kexts needed_DELL Inspiron N3010

    [SOLVED] ALC 269 audio kexts_DELL Inspiron N3010 For functional ALC 269 AppleHDA.kext + HDAEnabler.kext see this post: Mic works, too. No more noise!
  11. chirionutz

    DSDT.aml for laptop DELL Inspiron 3010N (13R) _ HELP!

    Please, help me with the repairs needed for my DSDT.aml . I have tried to use it as it is for a mutibeast install, but my hackintosh crashes at boot. I have my hackintosh working due to an easybeast install. My BIOS version is A11. I have extracted and attached it here. HELP!!! This will...
  12. chirionutz

    DELL N3010 aka 13R_Hackintosh DUAL BOOT TUTORIAL LION + WIN

    UPDATE! Mountain Lion works like a charm on this machine in pairs with a ssd. Same kexts from Lion OS X for audio, ethernet (works only with cable connected), sound etc. Use universal or x64 bit kexts only! I have added another kext in the attachement, if you feel like using it...
  13. chirionutz

    Merge 2 Partitions (HFS+) in MAC OS X without formatting

    USEFUL TIP!!!!! As a Mac user, you’re probably aware of Mac OS X’s “Disk Utility†program for mounting volumes, repairing permissions, creating disk images, etc. However, the command line version of the tool, “diskutil†is also very handy and has functions that aren’t...
  14. chirionutz

    Resize hackintosh partitions

    I want to resize my hackintosh's partitions. I have 2 partitions: #1 SnowLeopard; #2 DataMac. Initially I made a large snowleopard partition in order to install a lot of apps. I turned out that I didn't need all that space! So I tried to use disk utility to resize partition #1 (to make it...
  15. chirionutz

    Microphone audio + 10.6.3

    Regarding the memory Ghz, did you remove all mem info from smbios? That should help. And your USB mic- probably need to install the 10.6.2 IOUSBFamily to make it work- as it needs USB power I'm thinking. The USBFamilyMOD will not work for EHCI. We're working on a better solution, but for...
  16. chirionutz

    the most quiet cpu cooler for 1156 socket

    Would you mind recommend me a CPU cooler that fits to my p55-m-ud2 motherboard with a 9800 gt (silent cell) GPU? I was thinking to buy Scythe Shuriken Rev B - socket 1156 support (i5 CPU), but I didn't find it available in my country this days (in Romania, Europe). What else do you think...