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  1. Silvy

    MultiBeast v11.0 for Mojave Not Out > What to Use?

    Do this mean that it is not possible to boot without USB key for now?
  2. Silvy

    Pc doesn't turn off with fenvi t919 connected

    hello, I yesterday bougth a fenvi t919 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card, and it WORKs fine with Both Windows 10 and sierra os. But when I turned off my pc, i noticed that ther's no way to let the pc stay turned off. Every time I turn off the pc, after few seconds, it turns on. It happens turning off...
  3. Silvy

    Logitech Brio suppos

    Hello, I bougth a Logitech Brio webcam, and it works fine with Windows 10, but Sierra doesn't find the cam. I tried changing usb port and downloading software from Logitech website (that says webcam can be used with mac os Sierra), but nothing worked. Anyone with the same webcam understood how...