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  1. xerox24

    unssuported cpu and unssuported pch

    Today I have noticed and in two of my machines appears in the boot a message in clover with -v. unssuported CPU and unsupported PCH The machines are working correctly and I have no problems, but I am frustrated. Do you know what it can be? How can I find out what happens? machine 1 - rampage...
  2. xerox24

    Better graphics cards for edition video and photos

    What graphic card recomended for adobe after effects , finalcutx, photoshop , for max performance for use proffesional. I have 2 gtx 680 and I wanted something more powerful. 980ti or 1070 980 ti and rx480 is posible ? 1070 and rx480 is posible ? those who know and understand this, it...
  3. xerox24

    clocks gtx 680 in mountain lion 10.8.4

    hi guys , I have mountain lion 10.8.4 , all work fine but I get a funny thing. I turn on the pc and graphics clock is at 324mhz and its temperature is low (40 - 42 ºc) Use Photoshop CC and clocks level up to 1.06 mhz and temperature rises ( normal ). but I leave photoshop and clocks not...
  4. xerox24

    gtx680 and 10.8.3 and final cut x

    hi guys, I have a problem, final cut x 10.0.8 does not work well with my GTX680, anyone know anything about this? I find the problem. work with 3 monitors, 1 Dp and 2 Dvi. before with my 5870 working perfect cuda is installed , graphics enabler = no , system detect card correctly ...
  5. xerox24

    Problem 3 monitors

    Hello , i have 3 monitors , 1 display port and 2 dvi in a 5870 graphic card. My problem is with 1 monitor display port no lag mouse and with 3 monitors lag wireless mouse or wired mouse. I thought In format my hdd of mountain lion but in installation menu happened the same. Any idea ...
  6. xerox24

    DSDT asus rampage IV Formula

    This is the DSDT of asus rampage IV Formula using bios 1202. only 2 warnings , need help for fix this warnings, not if they are very important. Is my first DSDT fix accept suggestions , work fine for my in lion 10.7.3 thanks
  7. xerox24

    problem boot lion

    hi guys, I need your help. my pc: asus rampage iv formula i73820 amd 5850 + 5970 16gbs corsair ssd 120 gbs for windows ssd 120 gbs for mac The problem is that after installing the bootloader I realize that the only changes detected to choose the start the windows and the mac does not...