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  1. ostadnart

    Rehab man probook hotpatch method links didn't work

    i tried to install mojave on probook by Rehabman hotpatck method but in post installation level it seems bitbucket link for kext an ect downloading didn't work anymore.with and without vpn please help
  2. ostadnart

    help need..please edit this plist file for me

    i have not acces to mac for now. piease edit this plist file as the image i atach and upload here blue is the original that be change to yellow thanx all
  3. ostadnart

    Probook 4540s restart after shutdown

    I installed Catalina on my Probook 4540s and every thing work perfect now except shutting down. Every time i want to shut down laptop, it restart, then shut down work.
  4. ostadnart

    Probook 4540s Wifi issue On Catalina!

    Hello every one. I updated my prebook 4540s to Catalina directly. every thing works fine,exept wifi! my wifi connect to network and work perfectly, but some time lose signals and modem name. my modem is ok. I had to restart laptop to resolve issue. prebook 4540s Catalina(install by hot patch...
  5. ostadnart

    Drives Can't mount

    my 2 drive can't be mounted. first one is mounted in startup but only readonly.after trying to repair by disk utility will be unmounted. number 2 is not mounted from startup.i try to repair in single mode and recovery mode but no lucky. please help me to repair theme. first one is Mutimedia...
  6. ostadnart

    wrong patch and problem in boot to hdd

    I have probook 4540s and high sierra installed on it. but battery statuse not worked. i patched dsdt and replace it on patched folder in efi/clover/acpi. now i cant boot to hdd anywhere.i try to boot by usb but no chance. i do misstake in patching. is there a way to copy clover folder from usb...
  7. ostadnart

    probook 4540s no audio device after update from yosemite to el capitan

    hi i had installed yosemite on my 4540s using clover guide.yesterday i updated it directly to el capitan.unfurtuntly i losed audio device found. every thing work fine exept can i fix it? if it possible for you show me simple way.i am not pro.
  8. ostadnart

    Dual boot el capitan and windows 10 issue

    I have el capitan clover edition on my probook. I prepare a windows 10 bootable usb by i cant reach windows installer on clover bootloader.boot from efi..... Bootloader show me boot from micrisoft windows...boot from el capitan...boot from recovery.but when i click on windows bootable...
  9. ostadnart

    hp probook 4540s stuk on black screen after clover boot screen

    I have install yosemite on my brobook 4540s 1 or 2 years ago by clover guide and it worked for me very well till yesterday.from yesterday it stuk on a dark screen after clover bootscreen.i try to boot by using my instaler flash usb and it work.i try to install probook installer and it cant...
  10. ostadnart

    HP Probook 450 G2 yosemite installing..need help

    I have 450 g2 laptop and try ton install yosemite whit clover on it.after clover boot screen when i select Boot OS X Install from Install OS X Yosemite it show this dialog box:this version of os x is not supprted this platform. my bootable flash is ok and efi file that i select is correct...
  11. ostadnart

    rebooting yosemite after updat to 10.10.3

    I had update hp probook 4540s yosemite 10.10.2 to 10.10.3 today and now i can boot only in safe mode. in clover bootscreen i tried f4 to acces option menu but nothing happened. i tried to boot verbose to troubleshouting but it reboot again. anybody can help me? sorry for my bad english