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  1. robertovisentin

    Clone my current HD then restore the installation to "factory settings"

    I have perfectly working Big Sur on my customac. I cloned the HD so I can create a new installation of big sur for my girl. How do I "restore" or "delete" all my files and settings from that cloned HD instead of going thru all the long installation process again? It would be wonderful. Thanks
  2. robertovisentin

    Asus Rog Strix Z370-F+i7 8700k

    Hi, I followed every guide around but I couldn't get it to work with OpenCore. I'm using an iGPU and the current build (that I did a couple of years ago using clover) on high sierra works perfectly. Does anyone have a working EFI that could help me boot the USB stick for the installation and...
  3. robertovisentin

    [SOLVED] I messed UP!

    I was following a guide to hide volume in clover boot loader and now everything disappeared! :-( What should I do? Thanks,
  4. robertovisentin

    [SOLVED] High Sierra won't boot after Multibeast

    Hey everybody, thanks in advance for any advice coming my way. I did everything by the book. UniBeast, usb, blah blah blah...the install went flawlessly! Awesome I thought! I ran Multibeast, reboot, reboot, reboot, reboot, reboot, reboot. Damn it! What did I do wrong? I thought: lets redo a...