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  1. inspired7

    Weird boot loop please help

    I have a h170n-wifi with GeForce 750ti and have a working system fully updated on 2 hard drives with latest clover. When the computer goes into sleep mode for a few hours it will reboot and then go into a reboot cycle as soon as clover loads a partition. There is no kernel panic. It will...
  2. inspired7

    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    Anyone have any success with sleep/week and auto sleep? I have had this board for a few months now and fully updated with Mavericks using my own created dsdt and all the dsdt edits provided here but no luck with sleep. If my computer sleeps it won't wake most of the time and usually the cpu...
  3. inspired7

    [Guide] Airport - Half Mini PCIe

    Here are my ioreg files for the working lion and the non working mountain lion. My lion doesn't have a dsdt installed and my mountain lion does. UPDATE: Figured it out... I just need to use the IOPCIFAMILY.KEXT from netkas
  4. inspired7

    [Guide] Airport - Half Mini PCIe

    I just bought a tl-wdn4800 and installed it in my i7 (920) Asus p6t deluxe v2 system running mountain lion. The card is detected fine however no networks show up and it will not connect with me choosing other network either. I then installed lion and the card works natively with networks...
  5. inspired7

    TL-WDN4800 Sees no networks

    I bought this card from the recommendation on this site and mine is doing the same thing. Everything appears in working order. Gives a mac address and all. Scanning for a network shows no networks. Please say someone has figured this out now? I am on 10.8.4 with a ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 using...