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  1. clueluzz

    Can't Update to Big Sur Public Beta Through Software Update

    Not having any luck doing a software update method. computer freeze on the screenshot below, then reboots. that is after the verbose. any thoughts? Gigabyte B360M i7-8700 16GB RAM RX 580 8GB 1TB SSD OC 0.6.0 with all updated kexts (works flawless in Mojave and Catalina)
  2. clueluzz

    MSi GTX980Ti Slow performance

    I'm currently using MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G for both Win8.1 and my MacPro 5.1. Win8.1 runs perfectly but my MacPro is having problems. Below are details of my Mac installation. - OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 - NVIDIA Driver Manager 346.01.03f01 - CUDA Driver Version 7.0.52 - GPU Driver Version...
  3. clueluzz

    i7-2600 H77-DS3H Boot issue

    Hi, Finished installation. Upon reboot, Logo shows up on screen and then the under grows to mid point then freezes. Noticed that HDD is not reading. If I use the USB thumb, I can boot into the installed drive using -x. Anybody got suggestion to work around? Already turned off CPU...
  4. clueluzz

    GTX 780 crashes Premiere Pro CC

    Hey ppl, I just built another hackie using UP5 and GTX 780, works fantastic for everything except for Premiere Pro. It crashes upon opening. I thought there was something wrong with my install so I reinstalled from scratch and it still crashes. Decided to try using my GTX 680 from other...