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  1. pythionoth

    Intended FCPX machine: trials and tribulations (obviously; where's the fun if there aren't?)

    I built my machine hoping for a Final Cut Pro X 10.1 and beyond powerhouse. I'm not saying it isn't great; it's far better than the iMac I'm coming from, but I have to say I've been glued to this site (and others that shall remain unnamed) trying to figure out my best GPU options and I'm so...
  2. pythionoth

    Final Cut Pro X FCPX Graphic Card performance

    After much consternation yesterday, I was finally able to get my GTX 770 OC 4GB (the gigabyte windforce version) to load up 10.9.2. It required a flash on my GA-X79S-UD5 to the newer BIOS (f13w), as well as a few kexts upfront to get in. Before the flash, the 770 would display the mobo screen...
  3. pythionoth

    Hi All, need a suggestion.... replicate MacPro Workstation for 3D and Video (no games)

    I am looking for the exact same advice! Thanks for posting.