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  1. suren6791

    AMD RX6700 XT

    I did some searching on here on the above card but could not find any suitable answers. Has anyone managed to get this card working with Big Sur 11.5 as yet. I got myself one today and it boots BS but Graphics Acceleration is only 5mb so makes it unusable.
  2. suren6791

    **SUCCESS**Gigabyte Z490 Designare Vision D i7 11700K

    Using @CaseySJ EFI from Hackindrom and following his guide from the below thread, I have Monterey and BIG SUR booting from 1 EFI Folder. Almost everything works, I am still trying to get Airdrop and spdif out to work...
  3. suren6791

    Monterey Installed

    Failed to get it installed on my Asus B560-F but it installed perfectly on my Asus Z370-P. Installation went smooth. One thing I did pick up is that, if you have TPM enabled for Win 11, you might have issues with Monterey. I had to disable this in BIOS, then installation proceeded without a...
  4. suren6791

    RX580 Sound issues

    Hey Guys, Me again with another problem. So the HDMI sound, if playing a video or audio file from the RX580 plays but cuts of for a millisecond and then back again. It does this every 10 to 15 seconds. The issue is also does not happen in Win 10 just MacOS. I noticed in Hackintool it does not...
  5. suren6791

    Rocket Lake and AMD RX580

    So I was using an AMD AX7870 because on the Rocket Lake I failed to get IGPU working but with some help from @Middleman I managed to get it working in Headless Mode. Today my AMD Radeon RX580 came so I put it in and now I am getting way better video results. When I checked it in VideoProc I...
  6. suren6791

    ***SOLVED***Urgent HELP NEEDED PLZ!!!

    I cannot boot into my OC EFI any more. I get this error no matter what i try. I had a spare backup refi in usb but even that gives me this same error. This is on my Asus B560-F
  7. suren6791

    Issues with Graphics Acceleration Big Sur

    Hi All. So I have the Asus B560-F Gaming Wifi mother board with an i7 11700K cpu, currently I cannot get the IGPU working( it boots but only gets 31mb under graphics). I gave up trying to get this part working and am using a Nvidia GeoForce GT710 which works and boots properly but no HEVC or...