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  1. light_vader

    [SUCCESS] H61M-S2V-B3 + i7 2600 = 10.7.3 GPU+BT+LAN+AppStore

    Hello friends, I no longer have this hack with me, as after much thought I'm just getting a Mac. But I post it for the sake of sharing. Complete Hardware list on signature. What's working: Network (LAN, never tried WiFi as I have no WiFi module)[/*:m:lgr0b0hs] Sound (2ch) never tried...
  2. light_vader

    Budget Gaming MacMini

    Do you have bluetooth devices? Keyboard? Mouse? Headphones? It is better NOT to have to rely on bluetooth, if you can manage that. About the videocard, I'm not sure about the 9xxx series, but the 8xxx series even if still capable, they suck at Lion. I'm even forced to run youtube (Flash) on...
  3. light_vader

    What is your Keyboard? and/or Mouse?

    I have both, and they all share their advantages. Mouse if more for precision jobs, if you know what I mean. Of course, if you're gaming, then I guess you should get another less sensitive mouse, not that I game anymore on PC, so I can't really opine on that.
  4. light_vader

    To Build or To Buy

    Hey there friend. It is indeed as posted before me, a very personal decision, but one you should NOT overlook. A hackintosh only has one clear advantage over a "real" Mac, and that is, PRICE. Look at my PC, while not the best videocard out there or 16 GB RAM, I think it could very well kick...
  5. light_vader

    8800 GTX Lion 10.7.2 help!!! Please!

    Hey friend, if you're still alive... I found a workaround. It's not perfect and I'm yet to try it with games but here it goes. I tried using "NVEnabler 64.kext" and while it gives perfect resolution and all, youtube still doesn't work (both Firefox and Safari show the infamous Plug-in...
  6. light_vader

    8800 GTX Lion 10.7.2 help!!! Please!

    Weird, the problem that happens to me is that when I watch too many fullscreen videos, the PC either stalls or shows graphic glitches all over the screen and usually I have to hard reset, but my video card is only 320 MB so I don't know if that's the problem. Are you absolutely sure you don't...
  7. light_vader

    8800 GTX Lion 10.7.2 help!!! Please!

    Hey friend, check this out.
  8. light_vader

    Flash Player issues!!!!!

    Yes I have. Unfortunately it seems we the 8800 family users are outta luck and have to resort to old unsupported drivers. I have thought of buying a new video card but that would beat the purpose of just "upgrading" my PC (I mean, my 8800 is perfect for what I need, since I no longer play...
  9. light_vader

    Install / Uninstall Applications

    Thanks for the addition FZ1. Fortunately, will have the chance to test em all next weekend.
  10. light_vader

    Quick Bluetooth Tip for Apple Wireless KB

    Hey there. Thanks for the heads up, I ended up just using an USB keyboard on Windows 7 because the pairing is a pain in the... :crazy: Say, is this your adapter?
  11. light_vader

    What bluetooth adapter should I get?

    Hey friend. Any updates? Does this adapter work on BIOS? The DLink one is impossible to find on Amazon, from a good source, they seem discontinued.
  12. light_vader


    Yeah, +1 more for Tapatalk. It's the RSS (or twitter, some might say) of forums!
  13. light_vader

    Magic Mouse Issues

    Hello. Not here to help but to share a experience, and I also have the Magic Mouse, but using an IOGEAR BT adapter (using default OS drivers, whatever those are) and it also gets sluggish time after time. But if I put the mouse on top of my case (so it's really close) it never fails. So I'm...
  14. light_vader

    Install / Uninstall Applications

    Sorry for the late reply guys, but thanks a lot for your suggestions. Recently I was able to get my hack up and running once again, so I'll definitely check those.
  15. light_vader

    Install / Uninstall Applications

    Hello everyone. Being new to the mac world I often find myself confused by many things in the new OS. 1. I have downloaded some applications, like Stuffit. When I open them I usually see an icon for the application itself and another for the "read me". I now know that I can drag and drop the...
  16. light_vader

    What Mother board MOBO and CPU processor buy to use Lion?

    Hello tio, I think a good starting point is TonyMac's guide, which really outlines a pretty cheap build that works fine. That or checking the Lion Guides and "copying" a successful one. I think you can't go wrong with either, as they are proved to "work" for at least someone else. Unlike me...
  17. light_vader

    Backup Mac Partition?

    Ok guys a bit late but appreciate the help. Will definitely try SuperDuper once I get my thing going (that is, Lion and then installed apps). But for the time being (building the hackintosh) I found the perfect tool: Clonezilla. It's a Linux-based Live-CD with cloning capabilities, just tested...
  18. light_vader

    Backup Mac Partition?

    Hahaha. Ok dude, thanks a lot for the info. Will grab the 3.3.7 then, seems like a nice application, just what I need... I'm off to reinstall it all now, you gave me a little hope :thumbup:
  19. light_vader

    Backup Mac Partition?

    Good morning fellow hackintosh lovers... Unfortunately I completed my build some weeks ago, then installed Windows and Linux on my other drive and forgot about Lion (because I got a KP after trying to install sound drivers)... Prior the sound KP I had used "Paragon Backup and Recovery" to make...