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  1. michele872

    Brightness don't work 10.12.5

    Hi. I update Sierra from 10.12.4 to 10.12.5 Now brightness don't work. What I do? With 10.12.4 I follow this guide and brightness worked very good. After update not. Help please.
  2. michele872

    SLEEP / STOP don't working.

    I have a problem. Sleep/ Stop of my laptop don't work. I tried some patch. Firstly PRW 0x0D patch, but don't work. Next I tried PRW 0x6D, but even this work. What I do?? If I remove battery patch from DSDT.aml, sleep work part. When laptop exit of sleep audio don't work. With battery patch, if...
  3. michele872

    Nvidia Gt 520m MAC OS SIERRA

    Hi, is there a method to use my nvidia gt 520m on my laptop with mac os sierra??
  4. michele872

    [solved] Wifi 4352 don't work

    Hi. I have update my laptop from el capitan to Sierra. Before wifi worked perfectly. Now nothing. It don't exist. I have put before FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext + FakePCIID.kext in Efi and next in S/L/E but nothing. I attach the problem files. Help me please.
  5. michele872

    Power off reboot my system

    Hi. When Apple -> Power off my laptop, his reboot. I try a FixShutDown in a Config /Acpi but the problem isn't solve.
  6. michele872

    WiFi not working

    Hi RehabMan, I hope it's a right topic. I test my wifi card in Windows 10. The situation is the same of the mac os. Wifi work only 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth don't appears. How I understand if it's an hardware or software problem? If it's a hardware problem, wifi card don't work for nothing? Why work...
  7. michele872

    BCM4352 wifi + Bt don't work

    Hi. I have a bit problem. My laptop is a Samsung rc520 with Sandy Bridge i5-2410M; 8GB; HD 3000. I have change my wifi card and I have installed minipci-express 802.11AC BT 867Mbps BCM4352 BCM94352HMB Dell DW1550 Mackintosh. I have insert the kext of the picture attached for wifi e...
  8. michele872

    Samsung Rc 420/520

    Sorry for my english, I'm Italian. I have a problem: I installed El Capitan in my notebook successfully. But something don't working. Bluetooth, Fn + lightning, the other gestures of trackpad, Web-cam and Nvidia Ge Force 520M don't working. Who Can help me? Please.
  9. michele872

    Samsung rc520

    Is my laptop compatible for hackintosh? Intel Core i5 2410 m 2.30 Ghz Intel HM 65 Sandy Bridge 8 Gb Ram DDR3 Nvidia GeForce GT 520m + Intel Hd 3000 Which version of Mac Os is more stable? Thanks