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  1. FabCa

    Find the Catalina OS Installer

    Hi, The Appstore downloaded Catalina (I can't download it again), I could now install it by hitting the button. I can't find the installer file. Can anyone help me to find it please?
  2. FabCa

    UEFI Partition not showing up in BIOS/UEFI after Mojave install

    I am doing a Mojave Install (being new to Clover coming from a mountain Lion using Chimera). I followed the installation guide to the letter. I ran Multibeast to install Clover. It created the UEFI partition, I can mount it acces to the config.plis etc... However, my Bios won't find the UEFI...
  3. FabCa

    Clover won't load from Mojave drive

    Hi all, I just made a fresh install on a partition of my SDD using the installation guide. Did the post install using Multibeast for high Sierra. Clover won't load at BIOS boot, my old Chimera takes over and doesn't want to boot either Mojave or Clover. It brings me to my first question ...
  4. FabCa

    Impossible to create a bootable USB Sierra with Unibeast (7.1.1)

    Hi there, At the UNIBEAST installation STEP, after the last message asking to check if there wouldn't be any OSX etc... on the stick, nothing happens... Would anyone have a clue ? More details here : I downloaded Sierra through the Appstore under my Apple ID. Formated my 32Go USB stick with...
  5. FabCa

    Advice needed. Moving the Home Directory to another drive

    Hi, I might be wrong but i thought i would have the OS on my SSD and the home folder on the HDD to extend the life of the OS SSD. The aim of this would be to avoid to much (writing) activity on the SSD. First of all. Is this a good idea? I always make back-ups of my system using Crabon Copy...
  6. FabCa

    DSDT info & Asus P8Z77-V dsdt request

    Hi, It's been a while i am really trying to get my system to work properly but here my issues so far : -USB3 ports front & rear not working at all (Storage/other devices/usb2/USB3...) -flash doesn't work inside firefox & safari -sleep doesn't work well (screen turns very bright grey, wakes when...
  7. FabCa

    Flash does not work inside firefox and safari

    Hi, I'm running ML 10.8.2 on my p8z77-v + i7 3770k using hd4000. Youtube and others flah content won't play. Anyone has a clue? Thx
  8. FabCa

    USB3 ports don't work at all - ASUS p8z77-v board

    Hi, Half of my ports, all the USB3 don't work at all which is a bummer..! I have no clue on how to fix this. Anyone does? Thx
  9. FabCa

    ALMOST SUCCESS - My Experience on p8Z77-V + i3770k + Intel SSD 330 Series + HD4000

    Hi all, After a lot of attemps, i got many things working on my build. Still have few things to work out but it's a good step forward ! I'm encountering a boot issue but probably nothing... I must thank byakuchi for the help I got here and SamiSnake for the help I gor all around the forum &...
  10. FabCa

    FREEZE at loggin - Weird boot issue after Multibeast PostInstall

    Hi all, Hope i'm in the right part of the forum. this is not my first attempt, i did many unsuccessfull installs. When booting, my system doesn't stop at Chimera screen where i could choose the system or type flags. I get very fast to the logging screen which is then messed up like if the...