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  1. SoundFu

    Unable to reach installer Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3

    Now I have the drive 0 issue again which if I remember correctly was something due to the size of drives. SO I am currently unable to boot from the OSX drive and need to use the USB key and manually type. Latest version of Multibeast didn't seem to install an 'Extra' folder for the...
  2. SoundFu

    Unable to reach installer Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3

    GraphicsEnabler=Yes -x ^^Was required to stop my monitor from sleeping during installation.
  3. SoundFu

    Unable to reach installer Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3

    Bumping this as I have the same issue. Tried: Usb2 with and without -x Results in monitor sleeping Tried PCIRootUID=0 - no difference Usb3 boot doesn't sleep but results in broken symbol as reported by Op. Trying to upgrade to Yosemite using tonymac usb guide from Lion. Any...
  4. SoundFu

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    I can confirm that the M Audio Delta 1010 PCI card works in Snow Leopard and Lion but is not recognised in Mountain Lion. Hence I have not made the move to Mountain Lion yet until I get a new audio interface. The Envy drivers are no longer being updated afaik...
  5. SoundFu

    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    Article: boot0 Error: The Official Guide Worked %100, pictures definitely help Tessekurler, resimler yardimci oldu :):)
  6. SoundFu

    Previously working installation - now won't reinstall via iBoot

    Not having much luck with this still. Things I have tried: 1> Re-flashed original Bios (un-modded). (This is what I originally installed SL with.) 2> Removed GTX580 and used my previous HD4890. (Again, what I originally installed SL with.) 3> Removed all extra devices like PCI soundcard...
  7. SoundFu

    Already got Windows 7 on 1st HD -- can I add Lion on 2nd HD?

    Going Balds guide is one of the best on here for multibooting, take a look at that first.
  8. SoundFu

    Previously working installation - now won't reinstall via iBoot

    I'm posting this here in Dual boot section because the system is a previously fully functional dual boot (Win7 64bit + retail SL upgraded to Snow Lion). Before we go any further, details you need to know: BOARD: P8 Z68 V Pro Gen3 (modified Bios) RAM: 16GB (2x8) RAM (removed 1 stick during...
  9. SoundFu

    i5 2500k 4.5GHz & 4.6GHz SSDT

  10. SoundFu

    Multiplier stuck at x34

    Same issue here. Stuck at x16 or x33 despite having it set to x40 in Bios with correct settings. USed Multibeast 4.5.2 to install overclocked i5 ssdt aswell.
  11. SoundFu

    i5 2500k 4.5GHz & 4.6GHz SSDT

    Im having the same issue. My multiplier only goes from x16 to x33 despite having it set to x40 in Bios. I used the latest multibeast 4.5.2 with SSDT for overclocked i5. What am I doing wrong?
  12. SoundFu

    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    Hey Brycv. I started to have some issues with my boot up time. Its seems to be getting longer since using the patched bios you so kindly shared in the above post which I am very grateful for. I was wondering if you possibly had an updated version? Everything still works fine, its just weird...
  13. SoundFu

    HD3000 and AMD Graphics, Working Together

    Nice, good job working this out. I was looking into something like this and then I went and bought a GTX580 which now runs both screens. I guess now I know I can run 3 screens using my onboard i5 2500k gpu aswell.
  14. SoundFu

    Just 204 fps in Oceanwave (OpenCL) with dual GTX580 :(

    Sala Result: 1172 luxmark_bench_gtx580_1.tiff Sala Result: 1160 luxmark_gtx580_2.tiff Little bit of variation going on. MSI GTX580 TwinFrozrII OSX 7.3
  15. SoundFu

    GTX580 enabler after 10.7.4 update

    I'm still on 7.3, my GTX 580 sems to be running fine with Multibeast enabler support only. Is it recommended to install Nvidia drivers anyway or is there no gain to that?
  16. SoundFu

    How to get a GTX 580 (or 5xx card) to work in LION

    Installing an MSI GTX 580 TWIN FROZR II tomorrow. Edit: All working with dual screens, full QE/CI. :clap: For what its worth, even though I think you don't need to do any of this anymore as it is covered by Multibeast 4.3 Lion edition Nvidia support kexts, I still edited the NVA file as...
  17. SoundFu

    Anyone tried using a hd 7850 in Lion yet?

    I have been searching around and have seen one user on here who has a 7850 in their hack setup but I can't find any posts relating to this setup or wether its even possible. I am currently almost about to get a 570 just due to compatibility although I would prefer a newer card really as I game...
  18. SoundFu

    Installation Help Needed: Asus P8Z68-M Pro, i7-2600k, HD3000

    Did you try creating your own DSDT? There is a thread explaining how and more help in that thread if needed.
  19. SoundFu

    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    Update on my Asus P8 Z68 V PRO/GEN3 Modified 3203 Bios flashed and patched DSDT.aml installed via multibeast. The good: Onboard audio now working (AppleHDA Rollback + ALC8xxHDA kexts installed via multibeast). Boots up much faster. The not so good: Geekbench score dropped (from 10k to 8k)...
  20. SoundFu

    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    I'm at the same stage as you. I previously tried to have a go myself and got errors then realised I had the latest Bios instead of the 1101. But I think there is already a patched ROM for the P8Z68 V Pro/Gen3 3203 Bios that has been released very recently. See here...