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  1. Steve28

    HD530 Reboot-on-wake any progress in High Sierra?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting HD530 Skylake graphics to wake from sleep correctly in High Sierra?
  2. Steve28

    HWMonitor/GPUSensors.kext not seeing GPU

    I have the (April 2017) @RehabMan fork of FakeSMC and corresponding sensors installed. As you can see on the screenshot, it does not show any GPU info for my system...and maybe as expected, the GPUSensors kext is not loaded: ~$ kextstat | grep sens 30 0 0xffffff7f839a6000 0x5000...
  3. Steve28

    How to find kernel panic file

    I have an interesting situation. There are certain .jpg files on my computer that instantly cause a reboot when I double click them in the find (or the finder even tries to show a preview of them). I can open these in safari or other programs I've re-applied combo update, re-installed Sierra...
  4. Steve28

    Where to get the latest FakeSMC

    Where does one go to get the latest FakeSMC? I seem to have found two main places: 1) from kozlek and 2) OS-X-FakeSMC-kozlek from RehabMan Is there another? What are the differences?? They both seem recent... although neither one seem to report GPU temps on my system...