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  1. FMPvince

    9900K and High Sierra ?

    Does anybody run a 9900K under High Sierra? I know this may not be ideal, but I've a software that is stuck to High Sierra
  2. FMPvince

    Is 9900KS ok ?

    Hi, Is the new 9900KS Ok for an Hackintosh, any successful build ? Did someone overclocked it ? Thanks
  3. FMPvince

    Water cooling or not ?

    Hi, I need a fast server. With the highest Ghz possible (unfortunately the app doesn't use cores that much). So obviously I think I need to OC it. But, I also need to set it in the server area an forget it in server room, so this needs to be stable and dependable. Noise is not a concern...
  4. FMPvince

    What's the optane & P900 Hackintosh status

    Hi, As I do intensive database stuff, Optane P900 would be absultely perfect. Can an hackintosh use it : - as a second drive - as a boot drive Thanks
  5. FMPvince

    What to do to get the highest Ghz with a 8700K

    Hi, I want to build the fastest (GHz) CPU bound system with 8700K. I don't care at all about fancy stuff, nor about the Graphic card. That's for a server where Ghz is what matters most. I need some advices : - Do I need a Graphic Card (I don't need graphic power at all), or just using the...
  6. FMPvince

    How to remove all hackintosh files

    Hi, I've installed my hackintosh with multi beast, but as It's my first time it's not perfect. I've installed all my need applications and data. Now I want to remove all the hackinosh files, DST etc, to use this mac os x installation on a real mac computer and also to be able to redo a better...