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  1. _mikey

    Crimson Canyon NUC with discrete rx540 graphics

    The Hades Canyon NUC didn't work out for hack-ing, but this looks promising for a tiny Mac with more graphics oomph over an iGPU:
  2. _mikey

    [initial success] Skull Canyon NUC

    just got 10.11.5 installed on a Skull Canyon NUC and wanted to share notes in case anyone was trying with their new NUCs as well. - Clover 3526 - used BIOS and most config settings from skylake NUC guide - "Couldn't allocate runtime area" memory errors prevented booting - aptio fix 1 and 2 and...
  3. _mikey

    Problems with z87n - low geekbench no sleep no ethernet

    Hi everyone, I was hoping this would be an easy install but there are lots of issues. Hardware: Z87N i7-4771 GTX 670 install: unibeast 2.1.1, multibeast 5.5.3 Issues: -intel ethernet not working, not recognized at all. oddly it does work on first entering desktop after install...
  4. _mikey

    Clover on Z87N

    Hello. Spent all day today trying to get my machine booted via Clover. I read the whole wiki and many posts on it but still having problems. Any help would be appreciated. system: Gigabyte H87N i7-4771 gtx670 I created an install stick based on apamadeus's post in this forum. I could...
  5. _mikey

    Anyone use Flux or Shades or other screen dim/tint software

    Anyone use F.lux, Shades, Black Light or other screen dimming/tint software? They all used to work fine but suddenly they stopped having any effect on my screen. The programs run fine, but the effect is not displayed on screen. The one way I was able to get the effect to work now is to put the...
  6. _mikey

    BIOS recovering from backup on boot

    Thanks so much to Tonymacx86 and Linx2mac I have a perfectly working machine very similar to the one on Linx2mac's blog: --Gbyte P55M-UD4 - BIOS F8 using the correct DSDT from the database here. --i7-860, GTX275, 4g gskill 2004mhz RAM --all BIOS settings copied from Linx2mac's guide and the very...