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  1. pandev

    ML 10.8.4 iMessage makes os x crash

    the hardware of your computer is...?
  2. pandev

    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    All perfect with gigabyte H61MA-D3V :), only need to reinstall audio
  3. pandev

    GTS 250 not displaying 1920x1080 while booting.

    I have the same issue, with nvidia gt 630, on gigabyte motherboard and asus, I can display at 1080p, only with intel gpu, I think, this is a problem that can not be solved
  4. pandev

    iCloud, App Store, FaceTime, Messages - Unable to Authenticate

    With my new motherboard, Gigabyte H61MA-D3V , and chimera, icloud, appstore and imessage working perfectly
  5. pandev

    iCloud, App Store, FaceTime, Messages - Unable to Authenticate

    I change my asus bios , and now I'm using a GA H61MA-D3V, and now, with chimera 2.0.1, all run fine, icloud, appstore, imessage
  6. pandev

    Gtx 470 boot up to black screen. Mountain lion! Assistance please.

    you could try GraphicsEnabler=yes with PCIRootUID=0
  7. pandev

    NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

    This driver is horrible, so laggy, 2d perfomance buggy, I'm back with the default driver :)
  8. pandev

    Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V

    please, if is possible, send me a copy of the dsdt? Thank you very much
  9. pandev

    Chameleon doesn't recognize my HDD after failed Mountain Lion install

    I think you will need to reinstall..., or try with others bootloaders
  10. pandev

    Can't install Lion on GA-H61MA-D3V (rev 2.0 F4) + G630

    could you send me the dsdt for this motherboard please? best regards ^^
  11. pandev

    Flash slow with intel hd4000?

    I have noticed that flash consumes little CPU but is slow in the frames, is this normal?
  12. pandev

    [CLOSED] Chimera doesn't recognize intel hd4000

    Hello, I installed osx 10.8.2, after I applied chimera and I had intel hd4000 with qe/ci, but I use smbios mac mini 6.1, and after the update for macmini,macbook etc 10.8.2, chimera work with qe/ci, but with tearing etc and now I must to put the efi string on chamaleon boot plist. Please, if is...
  13. pandev

    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    Article: Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues This error is caused because you need to add a credit card on your itunes account. I solve this issue with this.
  14. pandev

    NVIDIA GT610 or intel hd4000 on hackintosh?

    Ok, I will buy the adapter hdmi to dvi, because my monitor doesn't have the hdmi input
  15. pandev

    NVIDIA GT610 or intel hd4000 on hackintosh?

    Now I'm using nvidia gt610 on my hackintosh because I don't have an adapter hdmi to dvi, but I think that if intel hd4000 is good, to buy this adapter? Which is the best option? Use intel hd4000 or an nvidia gt610¿ Best regards
  16. pandev

    Help. App Store and iCloud don't work

    Six months ago I can run the appstore on snow leopard, but now I try all and I can't run appstore and iCloud. This is my chamaleon boot list ,I'm connect with usb N10 ASUS wifi <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...