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    can`t boot without nv_disable=1 on 650GTX

    Same problem here with GTX 980 (El Captain). After installation of the nvidia driver I can't boot without nv_disable=1 I tried already this fix Active bootflags are rootless=0 and kext-dev-mode=1 with nvda_drv=1 the same The last text in verbose-mode is before restart is: NVDAGM100HAL...
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    USB Issues

    I will tell you, but at the moment I can't boot into ElCaptain. When I solved my problem I will try audio.
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    No mouse or keyboard on clover instal

    This way worked for me and other
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    Mouse/Keyboard not working in installer, but in clover

    P55 Mouse/Keyboard not working in installer, but in clover Hey guys, I have a USB-P55-USB3 1.0 F5 mainboard, intel i5 760 CPU, gtx 980 I created an USB like explained in the guide, in the bootmenu I can use mouse and keyboard, with nv_disable=1 I can start the installer, but then my input...
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    boot Osx with USB, cant select/see my partition in bootloader

    Hi, I used the migration assistant and now I get the boot0: GPT, boot0:test, boot0:test, boot0:done error. I createt a bootable usb with UniBeast and tried to come in the system to fix the error. But in the booloader there isnt my drive. There are only these two When I open the terminal in...