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  1. Tylerrouse

    Steam streaming build

    With the news of Steam streaming going live today it made me want to look into building a client system for the living room. Being able to stream games from Windows to a Mac in the living room sounds awesome. I wanted to get some recommendations for a living room Mac. From what I've read about...
  2. Tylerrouse

    How to hide and rename and prevent mounting

    I've searched through this site and found a lot of methods for getting rid of the pesky System Reserved partition or renaming it, but after I did a bit of looking around I dug up some really easy guides and figured I'd post a one stop shop for anyone looking to have a clean look to their dual...
  3. Tylerrouse

    Haswell + 10.8.5 unable to boot to desktop

    Hey guys got an issue and need some help. I've been trying since 10.8.5 came out to get my build to boot and just can't seem to get to the desktop. I followed the unibeast guide and was able to install 10.8.5. As soon as I tried to boot into the mountain lion partition I get a kernel panic. I...
  4. Tylerrouse

    Nvidia promotions?

    So I ordered my gtx 760 and it comes with splinter cell blacklist, but I want a second card and don't really need another copy of blacklist. Anyone know of any other sites offering promos with a different game? I know the blacklist promotion ends 8/31 so hopefully they'll have a different promo...
  5. Tylerrouse

    10.8.5 final build released?

    10.8.5 final build released. Getting close.
  6. Tylerrouse

    CPU power connection. Do I plug in both or one?

    My first time building from scratch and have a question. I have the GA-Z87X-OC mobo. I have the 24 pin in and then at the top I have a 4 pin cpu connector and to the right an 8 pin cpu connector. Do I need to plug in both or just one. If one which one should I use? Thanks for any help!
  7. Tylerrouse

    Before you buy a graphic card read this

    Like many builders I'm stressing over the graphic card choice and using it for a dual boot can complicate it further. Many forums seem to discourage potential buyers from opting for the extra VRAM, but since the preview of the new ps4 and Xbox consoles we've seen they will be using an x86...
  8. Tylerrouse

    Best graphics card $500-$600

    Hey guys. Want an all around great card that will let me game on high settings in win 7 for at least a few years and have it handle video projects on OSX. I only do light video projects on OSX, but want to do some extreme gaming on the windows side. So far the best deal I can find is the GTX 680...
  9. Tylerrouse

    Cooling question

    Is there any advantage to building your own reservoir cooling system over something like a H100i? I'm asking from a pure performance aspect. If you're wondering what I'm talking about here's a pic.
  10. Tylerrouse

    Just joined. Will be doing a Bitfenix Prodigy Haswell hackintosh

    Bitfenix mATX Prodigy Haswell Hackintosh I'll be building a hackintosh around the soon to be released Bitfenix Prodigy M mATX case. So far here's the parts list. I haven't seen a post or build like this, especially with NGFF M.2 SSD so I figured I'd put it out there and update it for anyone...