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  1. yy0c

    CPU high frecuency after wakeup from sleep

    Hi, My hack works fine except that CPU runs at high frequency after sleep. Before that, CPU powermanagement seems to be good, it fluctuates between 0.8GHz to 3.6 GHz. I was following the guide([Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops | by Rehabman, don't know what to do now...
  2. yy0c

    Reboot after failed to wake up from sleep.

    I made a clean install of High Sierra, after I press any bottom to wake up my hack, it fails and reboots every time. Here my specs: Motherboard: H87N-WiFi CPU: Intel i5 4570 RAM: 2x DDR3 8GB Graphics: HD4600 Clover folder, iorge and others is attached. Please anyone who have any clue how to...
  3. yy0c

    stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    Hi, Many people like me are having problem that booting suck at IOConsoleUsers. I've had already read almost every thread relate to this, however haven't found any tip helpful. Basiclly by deleting the Intel iGPU Driver, I can boot the system. But graphics would be terrible. I've been trying...
  4. yy0c

    [SOLVED] My install Stuck at apple logo, please help

    Hi, guys I've installed macOS Sierra in this computer. But It's stuck at apple logo this time I want to reinstall. I'm using Unibeast 7.0.1 and macOS Sierra 10.12.3 to create the boot USB stick with default setting. Here my specs: Motherboard: H87N-WiFi CPU: Intel i5 4570 RAM: 2x DDR3 8GB...
  5. yy0c

    HD4600 no video hardware decode

    My build is i5 4570 + H87N-WiFi, Clover. Basiclly everything works fine, however, I noticed every time I play video, CPU load is very high. I have no problem on hardware acceleration, I cloud not find out where the problem is. So can anyone please help me?
  6. yy0c

    No Reason random crash

    Basically my Hack everything works. However, from time to time, system would crash, I have completely no ideal how to solve this. Please help, thanks! and this is another crash log:
  7. yy0c

    [SOLVED] kernel panic on restart/shutdown everytime

    Log is here: Anonymous UUID: 84BB69C7-519A-0B69-62BD-1530C8D05A3A Sun Feb 12 17:15:52 2017 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 3 caller 0xffffff800033cd2b): "Element 0xffffff80261d0ee0 from zone kalloc.32 caught being freed to wrong zone...