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  1. scullen

    Install keeps hanging

    OK Big Sur turned out to be a no no for the gear I have so tried installing Catalina. Got further than I did with Big Sur but it keeps hanging after I start the install. Have attached the output from the install and config.plist; again any help very much appreciated
  2. scullen

    Multibeast Catalina keeps crashing

    Hi there, i need some help please. i am trying to use Multibeast but it keeps crashing. below is the report from the crash; Process: MultiBeast [1604] Path: /private/var/folders/*/ Identifier...
  3. scullen

    High Sierra install stuck in loop

    I am trying to install High Sierra and Clover manages to get to the installation part of the process and then gets about 80% of the way through then a bunch of output over the black screen like in verbose mode comes up quickly then the machine reboots. When it reloads into Clover there is no...
  4. scullen

    Mojave install hangs at AppleACPICPU

    Need some help please. I have followed on of the guides here to create an install USB for Mojave and the install stalls before if starts. I can boot into the clover screen and then from there select the install partition to boot and in verbose mode it gets stuck on the line; kextd stall[0]...
  5. scullen

    Colver locks up before install

    Need some help please as haven't done this in a while and have come unstuck while trying to install Mojave. I built the install USB and clover boots up ok but when I try to install Mojave it hangs. I have attached a screenshot of the verbose output and it keeps getting stuck at "RTC: Only...
  6. scullen

    No firewire after installing Sierra

    I have recently managed to get my mackintosh up and running with Sierra 10.12.4 with pretty much everything working well, audio, gfx etc. The only thing I can tell that is not working so far is the firewire. it used to work when I had El Capitan installed but under Sierra I keep getting the...
  7. scullen

    Clover update has broken my hackintosh

    Need some advice please. I recently did an update to clover when it popped up on my screen. Now the Hackintosh will not boot past the boot loader. I have tried loads of different combinations of boot args and nothing works. Can't even get verbose to work which would normally work in the past...
  8. scullen

    Everything running slower after round of system updates

    Can anybody help? I have recently run a series of updates on my hackintosh which has slowed everything down. I most use video editing apps like Final Cut Pro X as i am a video editor and now when I click play on a timeline it takes 5 seconds to play it down. Also simple things like emptying the...
  9. scullen

    "You need to restart your computer" error

    I am after some help with an install I have done of Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on my HP Dv6500 laptop. I recently followed the instructions on Tony's website on how to use Multibeast and Iboot and that all went smoothly. The only thing that wasn't working for me was my wireless. For some reason the...