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  1. mrjayviper

    Any hackintosh compatible USB 3.1 Type C Pci-E cards?

    what's the chipset on this card? does this work on Mojave? Thanks
  2. mrjayviper

    Intel Network adapters on OS X: Small Tree drivers

    anyone has patched i350 drivers for High Sierra/mojave? Thanks
  3. mrjayviper

    What's needed to audio coming out of a RX570?

    what's inject1? I'm looking at clover configurator and I cannot see that setting/option. Thanks again
  4. mrjayviper

    What's needed to audio coming out of a RX570?

    On my GTX770, I need lilu+whatevergreen+applealc OR lilu+nvidiafixup. What's needed to get audio out of the RX570? Thanks
  5. mrjayviper

    macOS Native Discrete GPU Power Management

    2 questions please 1. How do I confirm XCPM is working? I am looking at my system using IOJones and I can see X86PlatformShim. I've compared several properties and it seems the same values as the one in the screenshot. 2. In regards to editing dAGPM.kext, do I need to delete Mac-AMD and...
  6. mrjayviper

    macOS Native Discrete GPU Power Management

    can someone please help me understand Table 1? Please correct me if I'm wrong. example: If I have a AMD R9 M3xx/Pro 4xx, then the model ID needs to be iMac17,1 or GPU power management is not going to work? Is this correct?
  7. mrjayviper

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    So what is the reference design for the RX 5x0? According to this mod/admin, it's 1 DVI + 2 HDMI + 2 DP. But according to the table in the first post, it's 1 DVI + 1 HDMI + 3 DP. Thanks
  8. mrjayviper

    Apple wireless keyboard/mouse losing connection after awhile

    After several of idleness, I get the Airport BT goes to sleep and that causes the keyboard/mouse to disconnect. The Bluetooth enable/disable toggle is responsive too. The only way to get the input devices working again is to restart the machine. Any ideas on how to fix? I've attached a copy...
  9. mrjayviper

    How can I disable scanning of entries during clover boot/startup?

    I've tried the settings on the screenshot and Auto=Yes (which disables all the checkboxes inside the scan section) but it's still happening. Thanks
  10. mrjayviper

    How to create a UEFI USB installer?

    I want to use UEFI OSX booting on my S2600CP2 board. It's currently booting using legacy. I'm not sure if the board has UEFI capabilities but I know it has an EFI shell and I know that when I try to boot using an Ubuntu USB installer, I use/see the "UEFI:my-ubuntu-USB-stick-here" option in the...
  11. mrjayviper

    Has anyone been able to install osx on a NVMe drive (pcie adaptor)+Sandy bridge board+clover?

    The boards doesn't have the m.2 port but I'm wondering if using a pcie adaptor can make it work? I also know that clover has its own NVMe driver. Thanks for the help
  12. mrjayviper

    slow dual CPU performance (tested using cinebench and geekbench)

    Having issues with the CPU performance of my Hackintosh (2x E5-2650L 1.8Hhz | turbo: 2.3Ghz - 64GB ECC DDR3). On Cinebench (multiple runs on each OS), Windows CPU score averages around 1350 while on OSX, it's 760. There's a noticeable difference in rendering speed of the test image between...
  13. mrjayviper

    Hfsplus vs vboxhf-64

    I installed High Sierra using vboxhfs-64.efi. I was reading some discussion on the net about hfsplus.efi (this was inside the from someone who was helping me) and I decided to replace vboxhfs-64 with hfsplus. On reboot, the only visible volume in the Clover boot screen is the USB...
  14. mrjayviper

    New Method for Enabling NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover

    Hello. Is it possible to disable the Nvidia web setting while I'm at the clover boot screen? I looked around but cannot find any setting that might disable it. Thanks PS. I'm using high Sierra
  15. mrjayviper

    How to set automatically Clover on my boot partition with High Sierra ?

    in clover config.plist (Clover Configurator => Boot tab), there's an option to boot automatically from a volume. in mine, it's set to "osx".
  16. mrjayviper

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    another question please. if I connect a USB hub to a USB port on the motherboard, does that increases the port number? example: 7 ports (USB2 + USB3) provided by motherboard. I connected a 5-port USB3 (5 ports x 2 since USB3 counts as 2?) hub into on the USB3 port. Thanks again!
  17. mrjayviper

    bootloop: clover won't work when I have an Apple RAID (HFS+) array

    during installation, I opened up disk utility to: 1. format my single SSD to HFS+ 2. create an array using 4x 1TB drive (striped) Installer then copied the files into the SSD and rebooting. Clover cannot get to the disk selection screen. I've tried this process several times and it always boot...
  18. mrjayviper

    10.13.x: USB3 ports stops working if I leave a stick inserted during boot-up

    as title. The ports are provided by ASM1042a and using native drivers. The USB3 ports shows up in System Information. they are just are unusable. I tried putting the stick into the USB2 ports provided by Intel and no issues there. any fix for this issue? Thanks!
  19. mrjayviper

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Will the AppleALC.kext (1.2.7) work on 10.13.5? Thanks