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  1. Methanoid

    [GUIDE] Install Snow Leopard on the HP 6200/8200 Desktop PC

    HP 6300/8300 - if I wanted to run Snow Leopard on a more permanent basis (dont ask!) is there some kext that enables the ethernet to work all the time (ie without having to unplug and plug)?
  2. Methanoid

    [Guide] Acer Aspire V5-171-6675 using Clover

    Never got round to it but dug out the laptop today and was thinking to dual boot it... So.... 1) How to heck do I found out my exact model? V5-171-33216G50xxxxx or model Q1V2C ?? 2) I can get you DSDT from Linux can't I? IOreg? Would love to see if your guide covers multiple versions of OSX too
  3. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    Onboard wont work with HD2500.. Will work for CPUs with HD4000 but I still cannot get audio working and cannot believe I am the only person using onboard HD4000.....
  4. Methanoid

    Multiple Installers

    I'll take your advice.. But how far back can I go doubling them up? Mojave & High Sierra you confirm, Sierra and El Capitan? Yosemite & Mavericks? Further? ;-)
  5. Methanoid

    Multiple Installers

    That would be great... Is there a limit to how many I can do? If I can find out the installer size I have a couple of 32GB sticks... so maybe Sierra, HS and Mojave on one?
  6. Methanoid

    Multiple Installers

    I am pretty sure we cannot currently but maybe someone knows a method... but what about building a USB installer for multiple versions of MacOS? I don't see Unibeast doing this but is there another way?
  7. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    I cannot get my sound out of my monitor HDMI cable (i7 3770 with HD4000 graphics). Is there something special I need to do (its greyed out). Thanks
  8. Methanoid

    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    Yes, thanks.. had a further complication with it where Windows then took over but simply adding Clover again as the Windows file (we had renamed with -orig in file name, so keep that but add the new file) fixed it. Bit weird but its fine now!
  9. Methanoid

    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    No idea how I lost my profile or quite where its gone (it was complete some time ago!). I'm on latest 3.07 BIOS. I re-did it all again (yikes!) and found I was stuck on Ubuntu's EFI loader. Some Google led me to efibootmgr which enables me to add Clover entry and make that higher priority.. so...
  10. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    Is anyone successfully multi booting on the ONE SSD/HDD? Three OS (Windows/MacOS/Linux)? I've tried following @Going Bald 's great guide but there is no option to change the UEFI selection (it seems to be stuck at Windows Boot Manager regardless). Is there some way to change that on the HP...
  11. Methanoid

    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    What if my BIOS doesn't allow me to choose which partition is first (it seems to be convinced it's Windows Boot loader and no option to select others) ??
  12. Methanoid

    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    Gen 8: Coffee Lake (Intel UHD Graphics 630) Intel Pentiium G5500 (not G5400) and above have UHD Graphics 630 - So how come nobody seems to build cheap Hackintoshes usiing G5500 CPUs? Have I missed...
  13. Methanoid

    [SUCCESS] ThriftyMac - HP dc7900 - £100 - 10.9.4 Mavericks - Working VGA

    Would it be possible to have a HS guide posted? ;-)
  14. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    Can someone clarify for me PLEASE... If I want sound from my HDMI (GT1030) and have used VoodooHDA already do I "just" add AppleALC1.2.7 (and Lilu.kext) with KextBeast and that is ALL I need do.. or do I need to remove VoodooHDA and the disabler kext? Thanks
  15. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    Dont want Voodoo kexts (especially if I am using others). I skipped all sound stuff and got it all installed and then tried adding the AppleALC, Lilu.kext using KextBeast and now the thing refuses to boot at all - just stuck on Apple logo... :-( The guide makes it all look easy...
  16. Methanoid

    [Guide] Install High Sierra on the HP 6300 Pro / 8300 Elite Desktop PC

    At the risk of appearing to be a muppet... Could we have a patched/clean DSDT for 3.06 shared via the OP? Likewise more than just the two SSDTs? I have a 3570S and get some error message when generating SSDT. Final idiot Q... Does the Apple ALC only provide sound via the HDMI? For Onboard...
  17. Methanoid

    Acer Aspire V5-171 Notebook? ??
  18. Methanoid

    Black Screen After Updating to 10.12.5

    Might be a good idea to put in 1st post that this does NOT include Pascal support (unless by chance it does) as this is what a LOT of people will be looking at this thread for...
  19. Methanoid

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    @Gigamaxx - can 1st post be updated since we have 10.12.2 - I cannot comment on changes since I dont own any of the cards (or have a Hackintosh right now!) @AnyOne - do any of the RX460s work fine when unlocked BIOS with extra Cores is flashed/enabled? I know AMD mess with the driver support in...
  20. Methanoid

    MSI X99A SLI PLUS , i76800k working !!!

    Well? Is it stable and if so can you share guides etc?