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  1. CrazyBird2000

    Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X i7-10700 RX580 Open core Catalina 10.15.6

    I have finish put this system setup into Mac Pro 2008 case, also testing out a few thing benchmark want to share here. I learn everything from forum member, thank everyone. Testing out almost wonderful, I love this build. thing work: DP, HDMI sound, onboard sound sleep all USB 2.0, USB 3.0...
  2. CrazyBird2000

    Mac Pro 2008 Case Mod i7-10700

    I have this Mac Pro 2008 case sitting around for two years. Finally I got time to finish my project and load latest intel setup i7-10700 with gigabyte Z490m gaming x setup. I want to keep as original so minimum just cutting off I/O plate and PSU.
  3. CrazyBird2000

    Why my download Mojave not full size 6.09GB but only 22.8MB

    I want to download Mojave to upgrade my Sierra. Since it is working very stable, so I skip High Sierra also it has no much different. But today I tried to download a few time Mojave already, the file size it only 22.8MB. It does not like before we can download the full size installer.
  4. CrazyBird2000

    Is my CPU running on right speed or HWmonitor bug

    I did not install HWmonitor before until MultiBeast 6.2 came out yesterday. I like the HWmonitor, it can get a lot of the system info of current status. However, my CPU i3 -3240 does not run on max speed 3.4GHz. It only run on 2.48Ghz never reach to 3.4GHz when I run CPU benchmark. I am new with...
  5. CrazyBird2000

    Macbook Pro A1342 isight webcam mod to work with Mavericks

    Sicne I installed Mavericks successfully, I keep searching a cheap webcam with good quality. Ebay have a lot for it about under $10 but they are so suck. Finally, I come up a idea try to mod the isight webcam. After google, some one post how to mod it with a original wire to USB. Ebay has one...